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Plant Turnaround Management (Programmed Plant Shutdown)

This course provides the tools and knowledge to optimize the performance of maintenance personnel who handle the programmed plant shutdowns(turnaround) by means of the application of principles, concepts, techniques and methods based on effective, efficient and safe management of programmed plant shutdowns. Emphasis on planning, programming, maintenance activities execution and control to obtain the lowest cost, planned and achieving required quality and safety standards.


Day 1
  • Programmed plant shutdown management (Maintenance turnaround management)
  • Types of plant shutdown
  • Macro vision of the Functions Macro in the plant shutdown Planning
Day 2
  • Barriers and keys for the success of a plant shutdown
  • Methodology to manage a programmed shutdown plant
  • First stage: Integrated strategy (real Concepts, Cases)
Day 3
  • Second stage: Development of works scope (real Cases)
Day 4
  • Third Stage: Execution of the plant Shutdown (real Concepts, Cases)
Day 5
  • Fourth stage: Plant Shutdown close out (Real Concepts, Cases)
Learning activity mix

Maintenance and reliability engineers, production enginners, Maintenance planner and programmers, maintenance supervisor and managers

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