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    Play Resource Assessment Fundamentals and Techniques

    This training is a unique opportunity tailored to give a geoscientist a good, quick start in Play Resource Assessment and Risking (estimating Play Chance). It covers both Conventional and Unconventional Resource Assessment. 

    The course prepares geoscientists to do a Play Resource Assessment as part of a larger regional or national (country-wide) Play Resource Assessment. 

    The geoscientist will learn to make Common Risk Segment (CRS) maps in Petrel. They will use these CRS maps to estimate Yet-to-Find resources on plays using the common methods used to make these estimates. 

    The geoscientist will learn to estimate ranges of Average Future Field Size, remaining Number of Features (leads & prospects), and Future Success Rate. 

    The geoscientist will also learn to estimate EUR/well (recovery per well), well density, and well success rate for unconventional resource assessment. 

    The geoscientist will learn to combine individual play resource assessments into larger basin or country-wide. 

    The course is hands-on with several exercises. Although using the SLB tools, the course focuses on the principles, techniques, and “the tricks” that a geoscientist needs to do resource assessment. The participant should be able to do an assessment in any volumetric tool after this course. It is being offered as a 1 or 2-day workshop.


    Day 1:


    ·         Basic Definitions and Concepts

    Play Resource Assessment Exercises

    ·         Making Common Risk Segment maps in Petrel (Conventional) – Petrel Exercise

    ·         Conventional: Latrobe Play Resource Assessment – GeoX Exercise

    ·         Combining play resource assessments into Basin or National Resource Assessments (GeoX)


    Day 2 :

    Play Resource Assessment Exercises (continued)

    ·         Making Common Risk Segment maps (Unconventional) – Petrel Exercise

    ·         Unconventional: Golden Beach Shale Oil Resource Assessment – Petrel Play and Prospect Assessment

    Exploration geoscientists, team leads, and managers. Very valuable if attended as a team.

    Basic Definitions and Concepts

    ·         What is Play Resource Assessment? Why is it done by companies and countries?

    ·         The calculation process for conventional and unconventional resource assessments

    ·         Making Common Risk Segment (CRS) and Combined Common Risk Segment (CCRS) Maps for conventional and Unconventional Plays (Petrel Exercise)

    ·         Estimating Average Future Field Size, Average Number of Remaining Features, and Future Success Rate for conventional plays (Petrel Exercise)

    ·         Estimating EUR/well, Well density, and Well Success Rate for unconventional plays 

    Calculating Play Resources for a Play

    ·         Calculating conventional Yet-to-Find resources (GeoX exercise)

    ·         Calculating unconventional Yet-to-Find resources (Petrel Play and Prospect Assessment exercise) 

    Combining Play Resource Assessments into Basin or National Play Resource Assessments


    Basic Petrel skills are useful, but not required. No prior knowledge of volumetrics or Chance of Success Estimation are required. Required software skills will be taught as part of the course, so no software prerequisites.

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