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    Policy and Procedure development, writing and management

    This training course fully prepares participants to translate 'Policy into Action' by developing the relevant Procedures. Participants will explore techniques to ensure that Policies and Procedures are welcomed, understood, accepted and fully implemented by all those who need to use them. The training course provides a definitive guide to creating purposeful Policies and Procedures Documents, demonstrates online resources and even provides editable Templates for future use of all Participants. Distribution of the documents on modern devices such as smartphones and tablets will be explored, and publishing resources identified.

    Basic writing tips

    • Writing in an impersonal style
    • Organizing paragraphs and sentences
    • Using simple, specific and positive language
    • Using active verbs
    • Applying easy and effective grammatical rules
    • The Gunning Fox index for writing complexity

    Company policies and procedures

    • Nature and importance of policies and procedures
    • Policies versus procedures
    • Why are company policies and procedures required?
    • Expressing values in company policies and procedures
    • Importance of statutory inclusions
    • Formulating company policies and procedures
    • A partial list of policies
    • Contents and sections of a policy
    • Practical policy writing activities

    Foundation of Policy & Procedure Development

    • Importance of policies and procedures to the organization
    • Hierarchy of documents and types of policy and procedures
    • Mapping of Process and workflow for efficiency and productivity
    • The impact of change on Policies and Procedures
    • The DDIE Strategic Planning Process
    • Considering Organizational Culture and Values

    Diagnostic and Development of Policy & Procedure

    • Simplifying process with a flow chart
    • Mind mapping as a pre-writing exercise
    • Effective technical writing cycle
    • Defining Key Content that matters
    • Developing A Policy – Best Practice Template Framework & Content
    • Developing A Procedure – Best Practice Framework and Content

    Implementation of Policy & Procedures

    • Change Management strategies to ensure effective implementation
    • Differentiate between visual clarity and visual clutter
    • Enabling users to locate information efficiently
    • Publication formats and related technology
    • Checklist: Is your document format designed for readability?
    • Coordinating and communicating the changes


    • Management of the Revision cycle
    • Evaluating the need for changes in policy or procedure
    • Revisions with minimum disruptions inclusive of acceptance
    • Do’s and don’ts of electronic policies and procedures
    • Case Studies of Policies and Procedures
    • Action Plan for Sustainability 
    • Policy Content Checklist

    Anyone who is going to be creating or is already involved in writing procedures and process documents.

    • Basic writing tips
    • Company policies and procedures
    • Foundation of Policy & Procedure Development
    • Diagnostic and Development of Policy & Procedure
    • Implementation of Policy & Procedures
    • Evaluation


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