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    Portfolio Management

    Course participants will learn about portfolio theory along with how to incorporate the best practices in portfolio management during the upstream oil and gas business planning process.  The course will highlight a proven process and technology for portfolio management and optimization used by companies worldwide.

    Participants will gain an understanding of the concepts of portfolio management, as well as how to analyze assets in order to identify potential strategies for meeting company objectives using the principles of portfolio management.  Some portfolio analysis will be performed to gain insights into possible portfolio strategies. Discussion and group work on case studies are offered as an optional day 5.

    This course uses Excel. 

    Day 1

    Day 1: Corporate Planning in E&P

    ·         Corporate planning in E&P

    ·         Macro environment challenges

    ·         Concepts of portfolio management

    Participants will learn about corporate planning in E&P companies, including the macro environment challenges companies face.  The concepts of portfolio management, including benefits and portfolio theory are introduced.

    Day 2

    Day 2: Project Selection

    ·         How to evaluate project investments using a portfolio management approach

    ·         Important project selection criteria and processes

    ·         Incorporating risk in project evaluation and in portfolio management

    An easy-to-use process for portfolio management and optimization will be presented and discussed.  Participants will learn to define and evaluate strategies and scenarios, then some analysis using Excel will be performed.  Industry best practices and better tools and methods for more thorough portfolio optimization are discussed.   

    Day 3

    Day 3: Post Evaluation of Investments

    ·         Defining and evaluating performance of projects or groups of projects

    ·         How and when to perform a post evaluation of an investment or group of investments

    ·         Gains and benefits of post-evaluation analysis

    Participants will learn how to define and evaluate project metrics and performance. A basket of projects will be evaluated and conclusions about their performance are discussed.  The benefits and drawbacks of different organizations on project and portfolio management are presented. Common business workflows to evaluate projects, groups of projects and portfolios are shown and discussed.

    Day 4

    Day 4: How to evaluate market price of assets, a portfolio of assets, or a company

    ·         Different methods of evaluating the value or market price

    ·         Advantages and disadvantages of the different evaluation methods

    ·         How asset, portfolio and company evaluations are different

    Different methods of evaluating assets, portfolios and companies are used and those will be presented and discussed.  The advantages and disadvantages of these different methods are shown, and examples of asset and company acquisitions are evaluated.

    Day 5: Case Studies

    ·         Case studies of industry practices

    ·         Addressing problems using Portfolio management and optimization

    ·         Group problem challenge

    Case studies of industry practices for portfolio optimization will be reviewed.  Participants will learn to address various problems with portfolio management, as well as learn the methods and importance of portfolio optimization.  The course ends with a portfolio challenge that should be addressed by each group.

    Anyone in a current or potential business unit or corporate planning role who needs to understand and model the performance of a portfolio for oil and gas projects.

    Training courses in Petroleum Economics (EF-TC1-NXT12680) and Decision and Risk Analysis (EF-TC1-NXT13150). Some on the job experience in both economics and risk is preferred.  Equivalent on the job experience can substitute for training courses.

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