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    Power Generation Systems and Equipment

    Power generators play a key role in the electrical systems found in the oil and gas industry. Generators are used in all sectors including upstream, downstream, offshore, pipeline, and service sectors of the industry. By taking this course, participants will be provided with the necessary knowledge to demonstrate the proper operations and maintenance (O&M) principles of power generation systems and equipment.

    This course has been designed to provide participants with an understanding of the information that is required for the proper construction, operation, and maintenance of generators used as the prime source of power in remote locations and diesel generators that are used for both prime and essential power supply. Participates will also be introduced to the operation and maintenance of alternators and basics of gas turbine and diesel engines.

    Upon completion of this course, participants should have a better understanding of the technology related to power generation within the industry.  Having this knowledge will help each technician develop confidence and professional enthusiasm, therefore, increasing their efficiency. The knowledge that technicians gain from this course will be further expanded by on-job training and practical experience they will receive throughout the duration of their career.

    Day 1

    Construction and Operation of AC generators

    • Construction
    • Operation
    • Control
    • Synchronization

    On the first day, participants will be introduced to how voltage is generated in an AC generator, as well as the electrical characteristics of the stator and rotor. Control of generator characteristics including voltage, frequency, active and re-active power will be discussed.  Definitions of brushed and brushless exciter generator designs will be covered. The day will continue with explanation of the operation of automatic voltage regulator (AVR).  Generator protection schemes and synchronizing to electrical systems will also covered. 

    Day 2

    Prime Movers: Diesel and Gas Turbine Engines  

    • Basic operation
    • Auxiliary equipment
    • Starting procedure
    • Generator maintenance

    The two main types of generator prime movers used in the oil and gas industry are diesel and gas turbine engines, both will be covered in detail on the second day.  Attendees will obtain a good understanding of the construction and operation of these engines. Auxiliary systems such as lubrication and cooling systems associated with these engines will also be discussed. Basic starting procedure for each of these engines will be covered, as well as the activities associated with generator maintenance.

    This course is designed for electrical technicians, maintenance planners, and supervisors with operation and maintenance responsibilities in an industrial plant.

    Participants in this course should familiar with electrical installations in an industrial setting.

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