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    Powerful Technical Presentations

    How many times have professionals worried that their inability to make a polished technical presentation has hurt their professional reputation?  The Harvard Business Review listed “effectively speaking in public” as the number one criteria for career advancement.  This course will feature the use of video recordings of participant’s presentations with instructor feedback and recommendations for improvement.

    In the mind of the audience, the ability to speak effectively will reflect the professional’s ability to think logically, is an indication of their status and education, and summarizes their competence.  This training course will help participants develop their speaking ability through refining the content, polishing verbal skills, improving body language skills, and channeling nervous energy.

    Day 1


    • Developing the content for a technical presentation
    • Understanding the three parts to all presentations
    • Four rules for communication and how they apply to presentations
    • Presentation #1

    This day will focus on how to prepare the content of a presentation, for a specific audience, to ensure it is appropriate for the technical presentation.             

    Day 2

    Delivery Skills

    • Presentation #2
    • Verbal skills in technical presentations
    • Non-verbal skills during technical presentations
    • Handling nervousness effectively
    • Appropriate use of humor and stories
    • Presentation #3

    Day two will be all about how to deliver the presentation effectively. Specifically, using voice and body language to instill confidence in the audience.              

    Day 3

    Visual Aids

    • Creating visual aids to enhance the technical presentation
    • Guidelines for using visual aids during the presentation
    • Practicing with visual aids
    • Handling questions and objections during a technical presentation
    • Model for impromptu presentations
    • Using the model for team presentations
    • Other logistics and considerations
    • Final Presentation

    The final day will focus on polishing the presentation and incorporating all the elements covered in the course into the final presentation.                

    The course is aimed at technical professionals who want to raise their level of success in presentations by developing and delivering more compelling and powerful presentations.


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