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    Practical Aspects of Routine Core Analysis - RILS

    Thiscourse is designed to be delivered remotely via the internet using the NExTRILS format.  This course can be delivered as a public or private offeringand can be customized to fit the needs of a client.

    Petroleum professionals need to understand the intrinsic valuethat routine core analysis provides. Evidence of hydrocarbon presence,reservoir storage capacity and flow capacity along with porosity, permeabilityand the geologic description is typically obtained from routine core analysis.

    Routine Core Analysis (RCA or Basic Core Analysis) is thefundamental foundation of reservoir characterization and core-log integration.In this course the process of designing a program is introduced along withtypical techniques for obtaining core measurements  including (coreprogram  design considerations, core sample preparation, volumedetermination (Vb, Vp & Vg), absolute permeability, grain density, fluidsaturation and an introduction to capillary pressure and core-logintegration. 

    Over 30 percent of the classroom time will be dedicated toexercises, workshops and case studies.

    Day 1 

    Course Introduction

    Complete Pre-Course Technical Assessment

    Introduction to Core Analysis and Reservoir Characterization

    Designing a Coring Program

    Core Sample Preparation

    Workshop 1 

    Day 1 Quiz

    Day 2 

    Review Key Concepts From Day 1

    Define Porosity

    Determine Bulk Volume

    Determine Grain Volume

    Determine Pore Volume

    Complete Porosity Workshops

    Introduce core based permeability

    Complete Permeability Workshop

    Day 2 Quiz

    Day 3 

    Review Key Concepts from Day 2

    Introduce Capillary Pressure

    Free Water Level

    Concept Workshop for Capillary Pressure

    Introduce Pore Throat Radius

    Concept Workshop for Pore Throat Radius

    Introduce Height Above Free Water

    Workshop - Determine Height Above Free Water

    Day 3 - Quiz

    Review Key Concepts from Day 3

    Introduce the Mercury Injection Porosimetry Capillary Pressure

    Workshop - Convert from Mercury Data to Reservoir Capillary Pressure 

    Workshop - Evaluate MICP data

    Case Study 1 - MICP Data Sandstone

    Case Study 2 - MICP Data Carbonate

    Introduce the Concept of Saturation Height Modeling

    Workshop - Basic SHM Workshop

    Workshop - Find the Free Water Level

    Day 4 Quiz

    Day 5 

    Introduce Petrophysical Rock Types

    Workshop - Petrophysical Rock Type Concept 

    Introduce - Electrical Rock Properties (Optional Topic)

    Integrated Workshop - Well Review and Analysis

    Course Wrap-Up

    Complete Post Course Technical Assessment

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