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    Practical Cementing Operations

    This course covers aspects of primary, squeeze, and plug cementing, as well as primary cementing calculations.  Cement chemistry will be introduced to give participants an understanding of the processes involved in achieving a satisfactory cement job.  Additives used to affect various properties of the slurry and set cement will be addressed.  Rheological models used during cement job design and requirements for effective mud removal will be covered. Participants will also learn about cementing aids and job quality evaluation methods, as well as laboratory tools, methods, and demonstrations which will be used to illustrate the quality aspects of cementing. 

    Classroom exercises, hands on workshops, and case studies will be used to explain a number of different cementing topics.  Cementing design and evaluation software will be demonstrated to illustrate the importance of a proper engineered cement design and procedure.

    Day 1

    Cement Technology

    • Cementing goals
    • Understanding cementing design software
    • Lab tests
    • Cement lab tour and lab demonstrations

    Basic cementing goals will be discussed.  Cement chemistry and how it is measured will provide participants with a foundation for understanding many of the issues and challenges which must be addressed in cement design and implementation.  A lab visit will give participants an understanding of how tests are performed and will show how these test results relate to cement slurry design.              

    Day 2

    Equipment and Job Execution

    • Cementing equipment overview
    • Gel strength and gas migration
    • Cement placement calculations

    On the second day, participants will learn about cementing equipment, job performance, and important cement properties related to gas migration.  Practical sessions will be used to ensure cement job placement topics are well understood by the participants.

    Day 3

    Remedial Cementing

    • Plug cementing
    • Squeeze cementing theory
    • Lost circulation

    This day will focus on teaching participants about remedial cementing, the importance of effective cementing as it relates to long term well integrity, and reservoir protection. Squeeze cementing theory will be taught as a foundation for remedial cementing. Plug testing and squeeze cementing testing will also be an important topic covered on this day.

    Day 4

    Cement Job Evaluation

    • Cement bond logs
    • Cement evaluation log interpretation
    • Cement bond log workshop

    Job evaluation will be the focus on this day. Theory of the tools used, how cement bonds, and the use of cement evaluation logs to evaluate cement placement will be covered.  Participants will learn to understand the cement bond and cement evaluation log limitations and their uses. Working with several examples, participants will learn how to interpret different logs and make conclusions as to the effectiveness of a cement job.

    Day 5

    Remedial Job Performance and Computer Applications

    • Plug and squeeze cementing calculations
    • New technologies in cementing (demonstrations)
    • Cementing software
    • Roundtable

    Applying the theories learned on the prior days participants will begin to gain confidence in calculating plug and squeeze cement jobs. Through demonstrations of new and special application technology cements participants will gain an understanding of their use. Cement design software will be demonstrated and used to illustrate key design objectives. 

    Drilling professionals with a basic understanding of the drilling process, as well as designer and operation personnel will all benefit from this course.

    A basic knowledge of the oil and gas industry.  Some understanding of well construction and cement use is strongly recommended.  Participants also will need to provide a hand calculator and be prepared to perform exercises in class.

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