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    Practical Completions and Production Engineering

    This 5-day course emphasizes the role of the Well as part of the Integral Production System for a Hydrocarbon Asset. The concepts of Well Completion design and the technical selection criteria for the main completion components are reviewed in detail. The last is a visit to the workshops and yards of the SLB Middle East and Asia Learning Center (MLC) to familiarize with well completion and well intervention equipment, technologies and tools. Group exercises on Completions and Performance enhance the learning process. The course also highlights the Operating Company's viewpoint in the area of Well Completion and Well Production Management.

    By the end of the course, Participants will be able to: state how Well Completions fit into the E&P acivity, recall and discuss hydrocarbon exploitation considerations for well productivity and completion design, describe the main parameters that influence well performance and productivity, describe the factors that influence the selection and design of the completion string and components, and understand how to design a well completion and run it into the well.

    Day 1
    • Introduction to the course
    • Well Completions and Performance
    • Well Completion Methods
    • Five Reservoir Fluids
    • Driving Mechanisms
    • Inflow Performance Relationship 
    Day 2
    • Gas Deliverability
    • Gas Deliverability Exercises 
    • Multi-phase flow in pipes
    • Choke performance
    • Nodal Analysis
    • Introduction to Completions
    • Casing Suspension
    • Tubing Suspension 
    Day 3
    • Tubing Connections
    • Packers
    • Packer Selection
    • Wellheads and X-mas Trees
    • Upper Completion Accessories
    • Safety Valves 
    Day 4
    • Gas Well Completions
    • Running Completions
    • Sand Control
    • Multilaterals
    • Sub-Sea Architectures
    • Artificial Lft Methods 


    Day 5

    Visit to MLC to familiarize with well completions equipment and well intervention (coiled tubing) equipment and tools.

    Geo-scientists, Engineers and Managers (in drilling, well interventions/services, reservoir engineering, production operations, marketing/sales, among others) whose jobs require them to interface with Completion Engineers, Production Technologists, Well Production Operation Engineers and Well Maintenance/Service Engineers, who wish to enhance their current job effectiveness, through more knowledge of Well Completion and Performance, than that attained from their own "core" discipline training and exposure.

    It is recommended that Participants have, at least, 2 years experience in the Oil Industry in subsurface engineering/operations/management.

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