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    Practical Geothermal Modelling with Petrel

    This course is designed for geoscientists, working in the oil and gas industry, to give them an overview of geothermal energy and how to build a geothermal reservoir model using Petrel.

    This course will focus on:

    • Geothermal energy, source, and global distribution
    • Elements and classification of geothermal system
    • Major steps in the exploration, characterization, and development of a geothermal system
    • Life-cycle and energy production of a geothermal system
    • Necessity of geological modeling for geothermal energy development
    Students will have the opportunity to apply the workflows during the class during hands-on sessions.

    This course could also be delivered remotely. Its duration can be adjusted.


    1) Introduction

    • Geothermal Energy
    • Geothermal System Classification
    • Geothermal Energy Production
    • Geothermal Reservoir Modeling

    2) Petrel Project Setup, Data Import and QC

    • Starting a new project
    • Import File Formats
    • Importing Surface Data
    • Importing Geophysical Data
    • Data Load QC Tools

    3) Data Visualisation and Basic Analysis

    • 2D, 3D, Maps, Well Section, Cross Section
    • Function and Plotting Windows
    • Basic Processes in Petrel

    4) Structural Modeling

    • Workflow in Petrel
    • Challenges for Structural Modeling of Geothermal System
    • Complicated Cross-cutting Relationship
    • Multi-Z Modeling
    • Structural Gridding and Local Grid Refinement

    5) Property Modeling

    • Property Modeling workflow in Petrel
    • Challenges for Property Modeling of Geothermal System
    • Geological & Geochemical data modeling
    • Geophysical data modeling (MT & Density)
    • Hydrological System and Fluid Flow
    • Temperature Modeling

    6) Fracture Modeling

    • Fractures in Geothermal System
    • Data Analysis
    • Fractures Drivers
    • Fractures Modeling

    7) Fit-for-purpose Model

    • Fit-for-purpose 3D Model
    • Well Placement
    • Dynamic Simulation Overview

    8) Conclusion

    Geomodellers who want to learn about geothermal reservoirs and how to model them in 3D.

    Students should know how to build static models in Petrel already.

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