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    Practical Project Management in Spanish or Portuguese RILS

    This course will provide participants with the fundamental knowledge and skills required to successfully manage an oil and gas project.  The case studies for applying the project management methodology will use oil and gas examples and can be tailored (for an additional fee) to the specific needs of a customer.   This course will start by correctly defining the project, including scope and requirements, then go through planning, implementing the plan, and finally, closing out the project.  The course will follow the guidelines established by the Project Management Institute and their Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®).

    The course will also provide participants with an understanding of how to define projects, project management, and other useful project management terminology.  It will explain why the application of project management best practices is important for delivering a project successfully, how to develop a high level project plan and schedule, and the use of effective techniques to control and execute a project.

    To ensure attendees absorb both the theory and the practical application of the topics, this course will use a combination of instructor led sessions, group discussions, exercises and templates, and practice application of project management software.

    Initiating a Project

    • Defining projects, project management, programs, and other common terminology
    • Developing a project charter
    • Introduction of the case studies

    The purpose of the first day will be to provide the participants with the common definitions for project management.  After they will learn to understand that information and the deliverables required to begin that project.

    Continue with day 1 topics

    Planning Processes for Project Management

    • Scope definition
    • Work Breakdown Structure
    • Critical Path 

    On the second day the class will focus on the work that must be done in order to complete the project successfully.  They will also learn to understand the inter-related nature of the tasks and why it is important in the development of a schedule for the project.

    Continuation of day 3 topics

    Dealing with People

    • Building the project team
    • Risk analysis
    • Planning for quality
    • Communication plan 

    On the third day, the focus shifts to the people who will be involved.  First participants will learn about the project team and then the project stakeholders.  Also, by combining the work in day two with an understanding of the stakeholders will helps define the risks and how they must be mitigated.

    Continuation of day 5 topics

    Day 7 Executing the Project Plan

    • Change control
    • Monitoring and control
    • Managing change 

    The first three days will have focused on developing a solid plan for the project. Now the focus will turn to monitoring and control as the project begins the hard work of actually delivering.

    Continuation of day 7 topics 

    Day 9 Closing Processes

    Closing Processes 

    • Lessons learned
    • Review of the key course concepts
    • Preparing for the PMP certification
    • Growth opportunities in project management 

    Continuation of day 9 topics 

    On the final day, the course will focus on an important part of the project that is often overlooked, how to properly close a project and learning from the experience.  Also, there will be the opportunity for those who will want to move on to the professional certification (PMP) to understand what is involved and how to prepare for it.

    The course is aimed at anyone who desires an increased understanding of how to run a successful project. Anyone who has minimal background in project management will find it most useful, but even experienced project managers will be able to learn and apply their knowledge to relevant industry case studies.

    This course can be delivered in either Spanish or Portuguese.

    • Initiating a Project 
    • Planning Processes for Project Management
    • Dealing with People
    • Executing the Project Plan 
    • Closing Processes 


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