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    Practical Wireline Logging for Geoscientists

    This course is an integrated Wireline Logging course for geoscientists combining theory and practice. It will be held at the SLB Wireline Logging British Training Centre in Livingston, Scotland. The course main objective is to provide exposure to both the practical and theoretical aspects of Wireline Logging data acquisition and applications.

    The theoretical and practical sessions will cover a wide range of tools such as Resistivity, Nuclear, Sonic, Borehole Imaging and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance technology.

    The theoretical part will cover the tool physics, data acquisition procedures, Log Quality Control and a short workshop session on data interpretations.

    The workshop focus will be on interpretations in shaly-sand formations, and various shaly sand equations used to estimate Sw, such as the Waxman-Smits and Dual Water equations.  No special software will be required.

    Logging operations will be done under real conditions in the test wells at the SLB Wireline Logging British Training Center in Scotland. The practical part involves hands-on connecting and running of logging tools in the hole, monitoring depth control, and the normal data acquisition procedure and log quality control.

    The course will be 50% in classroom and 50% on the well pad.

    Personnel Protective Equipment will be required during the practical sessions.

    Day 1

    Theory and Workshops 

    • Multiple choice entry test: What do you know about wireline logging and applications?
    • Tool Conveyance
    • Depth Control and Log Quality Control
    • GR Spectroscopy: Applications for shale evaluations, clay typing and geological modeling
    • Borehole imaging: micro-resistivity imaging in conductive muds and ultrasonic imaging in oil-base muds- applications for structural and stratigraphic interpretations
    • The Density Log: Theory and Applications
    • The Neutron Porosity Log: Theory and Applications.
    • Workshop on GR applications and bore hole imaging
    Day 2

    Theory and Applications

    • Combining density-neutron for effective porosity, total porosity and lithology evaluations.
    • Geochemical Logging: Elemental Capture Spectroscopy and its applications for complex lithology evaluations. 
    • Logging While Drilling (LWD): Advances in LWD data acquisition.
    • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance: Theory and applications for pore geometry mapping and for permeability evaluations
    • Acoustic Measurements: Rock mechanical properties and wellbore stability applications. Acoustic scanner for anisotropy evaluation.
    • Workshop on density-neutron-acoustic applications
    Day 3

    Morning: Theory and applications:

    • Resistivity log measurement: Rxo and Rt
    • Wireline Formation Testing: fluid pressure gradients
    • Quick look techniques to estimate water saturation, oil/water contact and unmoved hydrocarbon
    • Overview of Sw evaluations in shaly sands.
    • Workshop on Parameter Evaluations using the Archie Equation, and Shaly Sand equations.

    Afternoon: - Practical sessions

    • Tool Calibrations in the workshop
    • Nuclear source safety
    • Weak point and the cable head
    • Depth control tool and devices


    Day 4

    Practical sessions

    • Run Platform Express: Logging run of Resistivity-Density- Neutron -GR toolstring
    • Running Acoustic logs. Logging run of Sonic toolstring (including CBL)
    • Running Borehole Imaging logs. Logging run of Borehole Imaging toolstring
    Day 5

    Morning: Practical sessions

    • Running Nuclear Magnetic Resonance logs: Logging run of a Magnetic Resonance toolstring
    • Run Geochemical Logging: Logging run of a GR spectroscopy toolstring

    Afternoon: Wrap session 

    • End of course multiple choice test: What did you learn this week?
    • Wrap up- Comments and suggestions
    • End of course certificate will be made with the participants name on the log header with one of the logs that was made by the participants (1/200 scale and 100 ft of log acquisition). 

    Log Analyst, Petrophysicist, Geologist or Wellsite Geologist wishing to get more acquainted with the practical aspects of Wireline Logging data acquisition and interpretation.

    Basic understanding of geology and formation evaluation is recommended but not a prerequisite.

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