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Production Technology - Heriot-Watt University Course

The course provides an insight in to the Field Development Process and the role of Production Engineering. It explains important concepts in reservoir and well productivity optimisation, downhole completion concepts, completion equipments, wireline services, perforating, multiple zone completions, well intervention and workover, and advanced wells, while covering various operational aspects. 

This course forms part of the Heriot-Watt Distance Learning MSc Petroleum Engineering, being designed to prepare students for taking the examination. Suitable tutorials, example examination with model solutions & self assessed review exercise are provided for later study.

Classes may be attended by individuals who seek to understand better the subject but who are not registered for the degree course.  

Day 1
  • Conventional Completions
    • Wellbore Completion Concepts
    • Multiple Zone Completion
    • Completion Equipment
  • Advanced Well Completions
Day 2
  • Reservoir & Tubing Performance
    • Inflow Performance
    • Tubing Performance
    • Flow Through Chokes
    • Completion
    • Modelling
  • Selection & Design of Artificial Lift
    • ESPs
    • Gas Lift
    • PCPs
    • Beam Pumps
    • Hydraulic Pumps
Day 3
  • Perforating
  • Formation Damage 
    • Causes & identification
  • Matrix Acidising
    • Formation Damage Removal
    • Other Matrix Treatments
Day 4
  • Hydraulic Fracturing
    • MHF
    • Skin Bypass
    • Combination with Sand Control
  • Unstable Formations & Sand Control
    • Causes & Recognition of Sand Failure
    • Sand Screens
    • Gravel Packing
    • Consolidation
Day 5
  • Field Development Concepts & Fluid Processing
Learning activity mix

Trainee production engineers, petroleum engineers and specialist service company engineers.

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