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    Project Administration Management RILS

    This course looks at the administration of a project, from governance, scheduling, budgeting and project controls. It looks at the administration of human resources, communications and risks in a project.

    Conceptual framework and definition of projects

    • Purpose of project management
    • Definition of a project management plan and its subsidiary plans
    • Project life cycle

    Conceptual framework and definition of projects

    • Process groups and knowledge areas
    • Initiation and formalization of the project (Charter)
    • Outreach plan development
    • Scope statement

    Project time scheduling

    • Development of the breakdown structure of work (WBS) 
    • The time management plan (schedule)
    • Definition of activities, sequence, estimation of times and estimation of resources

    Project time scheduling

    • Techniques for creating networks
    • Techniques for developing the schedule
    • Critical Path Calculation Method (CPM)


    Budgeting and project control

    • Types and classification of costs in the project
    • Cost estimation techniques

    Budgeting and project control

    • Budgeting and cash flow
    • Cost baseline
    • Earned Value Management method

    Budgeting and project control

    • Project status indicators
    • Forecast indicators and project status trend
    • Performance reports
    • Use of support software (Microsoft Project 2019) 

    Administration of human resources in a project

    • Project Organization
    • Project team development

    Administration of communications and risks in a project
    • Communications matrix
    • Risk concepts
    • Risk management processes in a project
    • Risk identification techniques
    • Risk quantification techniques

    Administration of risk management 

    • Establishment of risk response plans
    • Development and documentation of the irrigation plan for a project 

    Anyone who is interested in reaffirming the knowledge of project management.

    • Conceptual framework and definition of projects
    • Project time scheduling
    • Budgeting and project control
    • Administration of human resources, communications and risks in the project

    Basic knowledge of project management and participation in a previous project.

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