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    ProSource Framework Fundamentals

    The ProSource Framework Fundamentals course teaches you the basic workflows, tools, and utilities that are common to the different modules of the ProSource E&P Data Management suite. As a general purpose client-server framework solution for data management, ProSource provides a familiar and consistent working environment for its information management workflows, leveraging the ProSource Seabed E&P data model. ProSource Framework provides a single tool for browsing, editing, creating, launching workflows, and managing information in ProSource Seabed and other data repositories.

    This course is therefore a necessary pre-requisite for other ProSource workflow courses. It will guide you through the use of the base ProSource software and the functionality used in common across all of the family including among other things the ProSource desktop, data connectivity and access, querying, browsing, selecting, viewing, and provide an overview of the application architecture.

    This course is intended for petro-technical data administrators, data loaders, data managers and geoscientists who require understanding about the functionalities and workflows supported by ProSource Framework, and those who intend to follow with other courses on ProSource family components.

    • Basic concepts with an overview of the ProSource family
    • Understanding the application architecture and client-server components
    • Introduction to data stores and data sources
    • Running the application and accessing documentation
    • Navigating basic viewers -- TreeView, TableView, RowView, FormView
    • Learning about creating and managing data connections
    • Accessing related data and using pick lists (drop lists) for editing / adding
    • Using the GIS (map) viewer, spatial queries, and basic map projections
    • Searching, reading, creating, updating, importing and exporting data
    • Comparing, joining and validating data
    • Navigating the ProSource Transfer Manager.

    Basic familiarity with Microsoft® Windows like applications, relational databases, and concepts of spatial data.

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