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    ProSource Seismic cataloging workflows for various types of seismic-lifecycle data

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    In this one hour webinar, in the seismic data management discipline, you will learn how to execute the most appropriate data ingestion workflows in ProSource Seismic (PS Seismic). Seismic information cataloging is a multifaceted task dependent on the type of seismic information to catalog for the purpose of data preservation, management and delivery.

    The session highlights the database cataloging methods and related machinery of PS Seismic applicable to information objects of various stages in the lifecycle of seismic data.

    Seismic data management professionals interested in best information management practices applying the ProSource Seismic workflow solutions.

    Effective and efficient cataloging steps for

    • Stack, pre-stack, field data
    • Navigation data
    • Trace-volume liked and extended “metadata”
    • Documents and other auxiliary data

    The key aspects to be addressed are

    • 3D vs. 2D across data types
    • Optimizing and sequencing cataloging steps
    • Spatial connotation
    • Data governance and QC

    Attendees should be knowledgeable in seismic data types and structures together with general information management principles and familiar with the ProSource technology in the seismic domain.

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