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    Quantitative Interpretation for Petrel

    The Quantitative Interpretation TAP presents a workflow that quantifies the connection between geology and seismic data. Despite good seismic quality and well control, the correct interpretation requires the connection between geology and seismic.

    The course covers a combination of theory and practical application of Rock Physics (Estimation of Elastic parameters, Fluid Substitution, Shear property estimation and Backus averaging), AVO Modeling (using conventional algorithms to compute AVA responses), AVO Reconnaissance (identification and classification of AVO anomalies in exploration context), Seismic Inversion (inverting seismic data into acoustic and elastic properties using Simultaneous and Stochastic methods).  It goes beyond basic functionality oriented “button clicking” software training by focusing on workflow implementation, on the automation of basic tasks and in the analysis of real cases using the customer’s data to focus on addressing immediate, particular problems.

    Highlights of the course include:

    • Reduce interpretation cycle time and improve efficiency
    • Estimate different elastic parameters and cross plot them
    • Shear Wave estimation
    • Do the Fluid substitution and generate Vp, Vs and Rhob for different scenarios
    • Do the AVO modeling for different scenarios and generate Prestack gathers for those different scenarios
    • Seismic Inversion – Simultaneous and Stochastic inversion
    • Reduce the cycle time using Petrel workflow editor automated process.
    • A systematic, repeatable, auditable approach for increased confidence in results
    • Expertise beyond standard training
    • Validation of the workflow on client data
    • Adoption of the technology facilitated by Guru supported delivery

    This workflow package is designed to address the needs of exploration or field development asset
    teams involved in detailed reservoir characterization. The workflow methodology is applied in collaboration with the customer asset team using their data to enhance their interpretation and extract the most from their seismic data.

    In both Operating and Joint Venture organizations:

    ·Exploration & Appraisal Asset Team Geophysicists
    ·Development and Operations Geophysicists

    A)    Rock Physics (Theory and Practical Application):

    1)    Estimation of Shear Wave from Vp ( using Castagna, Castagna & Greenberg equations)

    2)    Elastic Parameters estimation and cross plot of these log curves in QI

    3)    Backus Averaging

    4)    Fluid Substitution

     B)    AVO Modeling (Theory and Practical Application):

    1)    Generating synthetic gathers using different equations

    2)    Classification of different AVO classes

    3)    Analyze the results through cross plotting

     C)    AVO Reconnaissance (Theory and Practical Application)

    1)    Identification and classification of AVO anomalies in exploration context

    2)    Creating Volume of interest for interactive display and co-visualization of AVo attributes

     D)    Simultaneous Inversion

    1)    Wavelet extraction

    2)    Low Frequency Model generation

    3)    Inverting Seismic data to acoustic and elastic properties

     E)    Stochastic Inversion

    1)    How Stochastic inversion works

    2)    How to setup and run a stochastic inversion

    3)    How to QC the output

    4)    How to calculate properties from the inversion output

     F)    Introduction to Petrel GURU, participants can capture the best practices, lesson learnt in Petrel GURU

    General knowledge of petroleum geology and geophysics. As well as participation in the Petrel Fundamentals and Petrel Geophysics Seismic Visualization and Interpretation courses or equivalent Petrel experience is necessary.

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