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    Rapid Field Development Planning of a Shale play

    Shale reservoirs are generally fine grained organic rich sedimentary rocks that act as both the source and the reservoir for the hydrocarbon. A large number of shale plays have been identified in the US and other countries that are believed to contain a vast amount of hydrocarbons (oil and natural gas). Remarkable success has been seen in the US in successfully extracting gas from shale reservoirs over the last decade by employing horizontal drilling and multi-stage hydraulic fracturing techniques.

    Rapidly assessing shale resource plays to make investment decisions is essential to oil and gas companies and investment firms. Once such a decision is made, the next step is to establish a Field Development Plan (FDP) to develop the shale play.

     The objective of this two days training is to provide participants a practical exposure to a Rapid FDP process. Participants will be working in teams of 2 or 3 to prepare an FDP for a given shale play considering sweet spot maps, surface restrictions, lateral spacing, orientation, pad configurations, type curves & stimulation options.

     Participants will use the Pad Placement and Pad Well Design applications of the SLB’s Petrel Shale suite along with the RapidPlan FDP application to come up with an optimum FDP. Uncertainty analysis, Economic analysis and ranking of FDP options will be carried out by the teams as part of the class.

    Day 1

    Pad Placement and Well Design

    o Introduction to Shales (North American Success story and International Growth potential)

    o Introduction to FDP; Need for & benefits of a Rapid FDP for shale plays

    o Introduction to Well Engineering for shales- What is different in drilling shale wells?

    o Introduction to Pad Placement in Petrel

    o Practical Session: Optimum Pad Placement

    ? Participants to work in their assigned teams to analyse the sweet spot data & surface restrictions maps to determine pad placement cases

    o Introduction to Pad Well Design in Petrel

    o Practical Session: Optimum Pad Well Designs

    ? Participants work in their assigned teams to determine pad well designs for the pad placement cases generated in the earlier practical session

    Participants will be introduced to the concept of hydrocarbon production from shale reservoirs and FDP. At the end of day1, they will gain a good understanding of the need for and the process of planning multi-well pads and horizontal well designs and its importance in finalizing an FDP for shale plays.

    Day 2

    Rapid Field Development Plan for Shales

    o Production forecasting using Type Curves

    o Introduction to RapidPlan FDP application

    o Practical session: Generate & optimize FDP scenarios

    ? Participants work in their assigned teams to generate multiple FDP scenarios based on the pad placement cases generated on day1 and determine the optimum scenario

    o Practical Session: Analysis of FDP results

    ? Participants work in their assigned teams to generate reports, analyze results (production and economics).

    ? Brief presentation of the FDP results and the recommended scenario by each team

    o Brief introduction to other FDP options available in RapidPlan

    Participants gain a good understanding of type curves and their application in generating production profiles. They will be able to appreciate the relation between lateral length & production. Participants would be able to appreciate the FDP scenarios, ranking & optimization process, understand the basic economic terms such as NPV, ROI and gain confidence in presenting the FDP results and recommendations.

    Geoscientists & Petroleum Engineers interested in getting a practical exposure to the Rapid FDP process for Shales.

    o Introduction to Shales and FDP

    o Well Engineering for shales

    o Pad Placement in Petrel

    Knowledge of Petrel software or attend a Petrel Fundamentals training

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