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    Reservoir Engineering Basics for P180 Program

    This course discusses key reservoir engineering subjects like reservoir engineering basics, reservoir characterization, porosity, permeability, fundamentals of fluid flow in porous media, reserves estimation, recovery factors, decline curve analysis and well test analysis.

    Day 1 Reservoir Engineering Basics
    • Primary Drive Mechanisms
    • Decline Curve Analysis
    Day 2 Fundamentals of Fluid Flow
    • Porosity
    • Porosity Measurements
    • Permeability
    • Permeability Measurements
    • Fluid Saturation
    • Wettability
    • Darcy's Law for Various Flow Geometries and Fluids
    • Relative Permeability Concept
    Day 3 Reserves Estimation and Recovery Factor
    • SPE PRMS Classification of Resources
    • SPE PRMS Categorization of Resources (Uncertainty)
    • Recovery Factor
    Day 4 Well Test Analysis
    • Well Testing Overview
    • Diffusivity Equation
    • Skin Factor
    • Wellbore Storage
    • Semilog Analysis for Oil Wells

    This course is for the individuals who have been recently hired

    • Fundamentals of Fluid Flow
    • Reserves Estimation
    • Recovery Factor
    • Decline Curve Analysis
    • Reservoir Characterization

    Engineering, Geology  or Science background

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