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    Reservoir Engineering for Non-Reservoir Engineers - VILT

    The Reservoir Engineering for Non-Reservoir Engineers course is a VILT (virtually instructor led training) delivered real time. The course will be taught in 4 hour sessions over a 3 day period and is delivered using the WebEx platform. Our virtual training methodology incorporates passive and active learning in an effort to achieve the best virtual training experience.

    This course is designed to cover basics of reservoir engineering and its integration with other subsurface disciplines by discussing the basics of fluid flow in porous media, petroleum fluid properties, reservoir drive mechanisms, recovery factors, reserves estimation including volumetric, material balance and decline curve analysis.  Principles of other reservoir engineering applications like well testing,is also covered.

    This course will be delivered in 3 virtual sessions of 4 hours each. The first session is an overview of Reservoir Engineering and reservoir fluid phase behavior; the second session discusses the fundamentals of fluid flow in porous media, reserves estimation and fractional flow concept, session three covers anlaytical reservoir engineering methods like DCA, MBA and PTA.

    Each student will need the following to attend.

    • Computer
    • USB Headset
    • Video Capabilities (720HD)
    • Access to internet
    • MS Office
    Day 1

    Reservoir Engineering Overview and Phase Bahavior

    • Overview of Reservoir Engineering
    • Fundamentals of Reservoir Fluids Phase Behavior
    Day 2

    Fluid Flow in Porous Media, Reserves and Waterflooding

    • Fundamentals of Fluid Flow in Porous Media
    • Volumetric Resource Estimates and Reservoir Drive Mechanisms
    • Fractional Flow and Displacement Concepts
    Day 3

    Reservoir Engineering Analytical Methods

    • Principles of Decline Curve Analysis
    • Material Balance Concepts
    • Principles of Well Testing

    This course is designed for those individuals whose background is not reservoir engineering.

    • Role of reservoir engineers
    • Reservoir fluids phase behavior
    • Fundamentals of fluid flow in porous media
    • volumetric reserve estimates
    • Reservoir drive mechanisms
    • Displacement concepts
    • Principles of decline curve analysis
    • Material balance concepts
    • Principle of well testing

    A technical degree

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