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Resources and Reserves Evaluation

This 3 days customized course will include the presentation of various reserve estimating methodologies, to include the difference between resources and reserves.  The classifications and definitions of these reserves and resources, along with a guideline for the application of these definitions will be covered.  PRMS, SPE, WPC, AAPG, SEC, and other regulatory authority guidelines will be discussed.

The course will update G&G and reservoir engineers with the newest and most accurate methods for obtaining the value of a reserve.  Following the completion of this course, all participants should be able to manage deterministic and probabilistic methods, with the aim of gaining a thorough understanding of various reserve levels and their equivalence in both systems.

Day 1
  • Overview of resources classification
  • Classification of resources and reserves based on PRMS
  • Supplementary resources and reserves definitions
    • Local definitions used by SKK Migas (based on the information provided by Pertamina)
  • Data needed for resource evaluation and reserves certifications
Day 2
  • Deterministic reserves estimation methods
  • Criteria for analogues
  • Field examples of deterministic reserves estimates
Day 3
  • Statistics, probability, uncertainty
  • Expected value
  • Probabilistic Reserves Estimation
Learning activity mix

Reservoir engineers, production engineers, geoscientists

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