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    Rig Inspection, Sizing and Selection - RILS

    The course will take the student thought the the different rig types and systems. It's limitations, it's design key variables, it's inspection as per international norms and new existent technology regarding some key rig element to forecast its maintenance and decrease risks.

    Day 1

    ·       Type of land rigs

    ·       Land modular drilling and workover rig

    Day 2

    ·      Continuation  Land modular drilling and workover rig

    ·       Rig Power System

    Day 3

    ·       Continuation of  Rig Power System

    ·       Circulating System

    Day 4

    ·       Hoisting System

    ·       Well Control System

    Day 5

    ·       Rig Rotary System

    ·       Rig Drill string components

    Day 6

    ·       Drill String Inspection

    ·       Automation System

    Day 7

    ·       Rig Instrumentation

    ·       Rig Sizing

    Day 8

    ·       Rig Selection

    ·       Guidelines

    Day 9

    ·       New Tech - Robotic Pipe Handling Systems

    ·       New Tech - MPD Systems

    Day 10

    ·       New Tech - Complementary Digital Rig solutions

    All personnel related to Drilling and Workover operations.

    - Drilling and workover rigs types

    - The different rig systems

    - Rig Instrumentation

    - Rig Sizing calculations

    - Rig  Selection depending on the Well Designs to Drill/Complete 

    - New Technology

    - Guidelines

    Drilling Operations awareness

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