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    Rig Inspection, Sizing and Selection

    This course is intended to develop skills to conduct Inspection and Acceptance Tests on drilling and work over rigs based on API, ANSI, ISO and IADC standards through the application of check lists and procedures to verify the working conditions and readiness of major rig systems and equipment.

    The course starts with a detailed description and specification of main rig systems and equipment used for drilling and work over operations and continues with the discussion of specific procedures and check lists implemented for conducting rig equipment inspection. Finalizing with a methodology used for rig sizing and selection.

    Day 1

    ·       Type of land rigs

    ·       Land modular drilling and workover rig

    ·       Rig Power System

    Day 2

    ·       Continuation of  Rig Power System

    ·       Circulating System

    ·       Hoisting System

    Day 3

    ·       Well Control System

    ·       Rig Rotary System

    ·       Rig Drill string components

    ·       Drill String Inspection

    Day 4

    ·       Automation System

    ·       Rig Instrumentation

    ·       Rig Sizing

    ·       Rig Selection

    ·       Guidelines

    Day 5

    ·       New Tech - Robotic Pipe Handling Systems

    ·       New Tech - MPD Systems

    ·       New Tech - Complementary Digital Rig solutions

    • Drilling Supervisors 
    • Drilling Engineers 
    • Drilling Team Leaders
    • Rig Managers
    • Tool Pushers
    • Drillers
    • Service Companies Specialists
    • Management personnel who will benefit from learning about the practical aspects of rig inspection, Sizing and Selection procedures.

    Participants should have a basic understanding of drilling rig components and drilling operations

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