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    RILS The Complete Excel and Power BI workshop -from beginner to advanced skills

    This course will introduce participants, or remind participants of the basic functionality of Excel and Power BI and then move them quickly on to the more intermediate and advanced features of these applications which will provide the users with a great skillset back in the workplace.

    In Excel, we go from calculations, formatting and tables, to Pivot tables, automation and multiple workbook synchronization.

    Power BI is a key tool in displaying data in a user friendly way, enabling users to visualize key points and ideas.

    Introduction to Excel

    • Getting Started
    • Performing Calculations
    • Modifying a Worksheet

    Beginner level Excel

    • Formatting a Worksheet
    • Printing Workbooks
    • Managing Large Workbooks

    Intermediate Excel

    • Creating Advanced Formulas
    • Analyzing Data with Logical and Lookup Functions
    • Organizing Worksheet Data with Tables

    Intermediate Excel

    • Visualizing Data with Charts
    • Analyzing Data with PivotTables, Slicers, and PivotCharts

    Advanced Excel

    • Inserting Graphics
    • Enhancing Workbooks
    • Automating Worksheet Functionality

    Advanced Excel

    • Working with Multiple Workbooks
    • Customizing the Excel Environment

    Introduction to Power BI

    • Getting Started
    • Working with Files

    Beginner's level Power BI

    • Data Sources
    • Working with Reports

    Next steps with Power BI

    • Closer Look at Visualizations
    • Advanced Visualization Features

    More skills with Power BI

    • Working with Data and Calculations
    • Power BI Web App

    Anyone who wants to improve their skills in Excel and Power BI

    • Beginning Excel
    • Intermediate Excel
    • Advanced Excel
    • Introduction to Power BI
    • Next steps with Power BI


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