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    Routine for maintaining warehouse

    Course Objective

    • This program provides the participants with a comprehensive understanding of the risks posed by warehouses and how to control them. It explains what your legal duties are, the common hazards you may face, how to carry out a risk assessment of a warehouse, and how to apply suitable safety measures to lower risk.
    • On completion of this program, the participants will understand how warehouses may put workers at risk and what you can do to control exposure, including hazards posed by vehicles, manual handling, storage, and more.
    • Classroom - Listening and contributing to discussions and exercises (group Discussions and workshops and exercises).

    • Introduction to Warehouse Health and Safety
      • Terms and definition of warehouse safety
      • Storage system and automated storage system
    • Warehouse welfare requirements
      • Drinking water, sanitary requirement
      • First requirements
      • Changing room
      • Lighting and ventilation requirements
    • Warehouse risk management approaches 
      • Quantitative risk assessment
      • Qualitative risk assessment
      • Semi-quantitative risk assessment

    • Warehouse physical and psychological health hazards and controls
      • Noise hazard and control 
      • vibration hazard and control 
      • stress hazards and control
      • violence and substance misuse hazards and control
    • Warehouse electrical health hazards and controls
      • Electrical hazards within the warehouse
      • Health effects from electrical hazards
      • Warehouse electrical hazards control
    • Warehouse slips and trips, manual and load movement hazards, and control
      • Slips, trips, and fall hazards and control
      • Manual handling definition and health effect
      • Manual handling best practice
      • Load movement hazards - mechanically
      • The required control measures of mechanical load movement

    • Forklifts hazards and control
      • Types of forklifts 
      • Pedestrian movement hazard
      • Vehicles non-movement hazards
      • Vehicles movement hazards
      • Traffic route and signs
      • Vehicles movement and non-movement hazards
    • Warehouse work at height hazards and control
      • Work at height hazards 
      • Work at height control measure
      • Access equipment (ladder, step ladder, mobile elevating work platform, mobile scaffold) hazards 
    • Warehouse emergency preparedness and response
      • Warehouse emergency situations identification
      • Emergency physical preparedness
      • Emergency documentation preparedness
      • Emergency human preparedness

    This program is suitable for anyone who has the responsibility of managing health and safety risks in a warehouse operation, including owners, managers, and supervisors. It is also suitable for employees, as it gives them an awareness of what risks they should look out for and the safety measures that should be in place in their warehouse.

    • Describe the warehouse welfare requirements
    • Explain the warehouse risk management approaches 
    • Explain the Warehouse’s physical and psychological health hazards and controls
    • Explain the Warehouse’s electrical health hazards and controls
    • Explain the Warehouse slips and trips, manual and load movement hazards, and control
    • Explain the Forklifts hazards and control
    • Explain the Warehouse work at height hazards and control
    • Describe the Warehouse emergency preparedness and response

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