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    Safety Leadership Workshop - Oxy


    • The objective of this workshop is to equip team leaders and supervisors with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively lead their teams in maintaining a safe work environment.
    • Participants will learn about the key principles of safety leadership, effective communication strategies, risk assessment techniques, and best practices for promoting a culture of safety within their teams.


    • Classroom - Listening and contributing to discussions and exercises (group Discussions and workshops)

    Course Duration:
    • 4 hours

    • Introduction (15 minutes)
      • Welcome, and overview of workshop objectives.
      • Importance of safety leadership in the workplace
    • Understanding Safety Leadership (45 minutes)
      • Oxy ZERO HARM*
      • Definition and key characteristics of safety leadership
      • Role of team leaders and supervisors in promoting safety
      • Case studies/examples of successful safety leadership
    • Effective Communication for Safety (45 minutes)
      • Importance of clear and consistent communication in safety management
      • Strategies for effective communication with team members regarding safety procedures and protocols
      • Role-playing exercises to practice communication skills in safety scenarios
    • Risk Assessment and Hazard Identification (60 minutes)
      • Overview of risk assessment processes
      • Techniques for identifying hazards in the workplace
      • Group activity: Conducting a risk assessment for a simulated workplace scenario
    • Implementing Safety Practices (45 minutes)
      • Developing and implementing safety policies and procedures
      • Engaging team members in safety initiatives
      • Strategies for fostering a culture of safety within the team
    • Responding to Safety Incidents (30 minutes)
      • Protocol for responding to safety incidents and emergencies
      • Health, Environment, Safety Management System (HESMS)
      • Importance of reporting and documenting incidents
      • Role of team leaders and supervisors in managing safety incidents
    • Continuous Improvement and Evaluation (15 minutes)
      • Importance of continuous improvement in safety management
      • Methods for evaluating the effectiveness of safety measures
      • Feedback and discussion on workshop content

    • Team Leaders
    • Supervisors 
    • Line Manager (Oil and Gas Industry)
    • Understanding Safety Leadership
    • Effective Communication for Safety
    • Risk Assessment and Hazard Identification
    • Implementing Safety Practices
    • Responding to Safety Incidents
    • Continuous Improvement and Evaluation

    • Fundamental knowledge of Safety in the Oil and Gas industry.

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