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    Safety Management for Contractors

    Course Objective
    • Learning aims - Contracts HSE management course aims to ensure that participants are able to implement and enforce HSE best practices throughout the contracting process. This may involve understanding how to incorporate HSE considerations into procurement processes, negotiate effective HSE contract terms, and monitor HSE performance throughout the life of a contract. Contractor selection criteria are an important part of the course and HSE management, as they help organizations identify and select contractors who are best suited to manage health, safety, and environmental risks associated with their projects.
    The following points shall be discussed in the course:
    • Introduction to Safety Culture 
    • Introduction to Contractor Safety Management 
    • Six Practices of Contractor Safety Management 
    • Introduction to Incident Investigation 
    • Classroom with Theoretical and Practical Implementation 
    Awarding Body
    • Highfield
     Assessing Learners

    Session 1 Introduction to Safety Culture

    • Characteristics of a Safety Culture
    • Why Does Safety Matter?
    • Risks to a Safety Culture
    • Maintaining a Positive Safety Culture

    Session 2 Introduction to Contractor Safety Management

    • Who is a Contractor?
    • Why is Contractor Safety Important?
    • Owner's (Client’s) Role
    • Video & Quiz/Game

    Introduction to Incident Investigation

    • What Defines an Incident?
    • Benefits of Incident Investigation Process
    •  Who Should Investigate?
    • Incident Investigation Process
    • Fishbone Analysis Method
    • Management Follow-up Responsibilities
    • Video

    Assessing Learners

    • Clients, contractors, and supervisors/line managers at all levels

    Session 1 Introduction to Safety Culture
    Session 2 Introduction to Contractor Safety Management
    Session 3 Six Practices of Contractor Safety Management
    Session 4 Introduction to Incident Investigation


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