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    Sand Control in High Temperatures

    The course discusses concepts related to the selection of sand control method and treatment design; conventional low-pressure techniques are reviewed, while frac-pack and high-rate-water-pack are discussed and compared. The course analyses sand control best methods for sand control in horizontal drains and water injectors. Sand management is examined and its techniques are compared with sand control’s. Quality control procedures for sand control execution and job evaluation are reviewed and discussed. The course has been adapted to Steam Injection wells with sand production. 

    Main topics are: Basic Rock Mechanics, Sand Prediction, Methods for Sand Control, Gravel Pack Design, Screenless methods, High-Rate-Water-Pack, Frac Pack, Execution and Evaluation. 

    • Introduction to the course
    • 1st Day Quiz
    • Revision of principles of Geomechanics
    • Discussion of sand Production risk
    • Screens
    • Heavy Oils Recovery Methods

    • Wellheads
    • CH sand exclusion
    • Sand Control Design
    • Gravel Pack Methodology

    • Frac-Pack and Alternate Pack
    • OH alpha beta GP
    • OH technique selection
    • Open Hole vs Cased Hole Sandface technique selection

    • Surface Equipment
    • Water Injectors
    • Screenless Completions
    • Operating Conditions
    • Elastometer Technology
    • Sand Control for Steam Injection

    • Remedial Sand Control
    • Fluid Loss circulation
    • Completion Fluids Filtration
    • Sand Management
    • Evaluation
    • Last Day Quiz

    Engineers dealing with sand exclusion completions design and execution.

    Participants should have a University degree in a technical or scientific subject. 

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