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    Seismic and Sequence Stratigraphy: Exploration Applications

    This workshop-style course presents the concepts and hands-on applications of seismic and sequence stratigraphy for petroleum exploration in siliciclastic settings. All concepts are illustrated with field examples of seismic and well-log data, including more than 150 referenced publications. In-class exercises emphasize the recognition of sequence stratigraphic surfaces, systems tracts and sedimentary stacking architecture at different scales on well-log cross-sections and seismic profiles. Expansion of the same principle’s in carbonate and rift settings conclude the workshop session. Participants will a benefit from a better understanding critical of exploration methodologies, common interpretation pitfalls and the nature of all-important inputs to current sedimentary forward modeling technologies. An overall better appreciation of geological uncertainties, especially as related to stratigraphic traps and migration pathways, will be the minimum take-away.

    Instructor: Gerhard J. Brink

    Day 1


    • Topic 1: Historical background
    • Topic 2: Concepts and Principle’s
    • Topic 3: Stacking patterns & forced regressions
    • Topic 4: Methodology – What, Why & How

    Exercises: Seismic and Well-log correlation – the power of depositional systems predictability. Seismic sequence elements delineation.

    Day 2

     Daily Title: SILICICLASTICS

    • Topic 1: Sequence models at outcrop and seismic scales
    • Topic 2: Bounding genetic surfaces
    • Topic 3; Lithostratigraphy vs. Chronostratigraphy
    • Topic 4; Lowstand depositional systems tracts

    Exercises: Seismic sequence elements delineation, methodology & forced regression recognition.

    Day 3


    • Topic 1: Transgressive and Highstand depositional systems tracts
    • Topic 2: High frequency sequences
    • Topic 3: Shelf / Offlap break trajectories
    • Topic 4: Relative sea-level interpretation

    Exercises: High Frequency delineation. Relative sea-level interpretation methodology.

    Day 4

    Daily Title: CARBONATES

    • Topic 1: Intra-slope sub-basins (siliciclastic)
    • Topic 2: Carbonate depositional settings
    • Topic 3: Stratal stacking patterns
    • Topic 4: Stratigraphic reservoir distribution examples

     Exercise: Intra-slope methodology applications - unconformity recognition

    Day 5

    Daily Title: RIFTS

    • Topic 1: Tectono- stratigraphy
    • Topic 2: Basin-fill evolution – models & examples
    • Topic 3: Subsidence vs lacustrine source rock implications. Exercises:

    Exercises: Participants are encouraged to  show & discuss stratigraphic issues relating to their own dataset

    Entry level and advanced Explorationists, Geologists, Geophysicists and sedimentary process / source rock forward modeller’s who needs to understand methodologies, constraints and pitfalls of seismic sequence stratigraphy interpretation.

    • Background domain knowledge
    • Concepts & Principle’s of sequence stratigraphy
    • Siliciclastic sequence stratigraphic methodology
    • Siliciclastic depositional systems tracts
    • High frequency sequences
    • Relative sea-level interpretation methodology
    • Intra-slope sub-basins
    • Carbonate sequence stratigraphic architecture
    • Rift Tectono-stratigraphy applications

    Supported with references of 150+ publications

    Basic Knowledge of Geology & Geophysics – sedimentology and/or seismic domain knowledge advantageous.

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