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Seismic Attributes Analysis

This technology adoption package is the first stage of the general sesimic analysis workflow that focus on seismic attributes analysis and automated interpretation. It covers the following recommended workflow steps:

  • Data Pre-Conditioning
  • Variance 
  • Geobody Extraction
  • Salt Delineation

Geologists, Geocientists responsibles for the seismic attribute analysis and interpretation

Learning activity mix
  • Seismic Data Management
  • Sesimic Creation Process
  • Attribute of Attributes
  • Color and Opacity Management
  • Blend Seismic Volumes
  • Attributes for Structural Interpretation
  • Seismic Facies
  • Geobody Interpretation
  • Frequency Decomposition
  • Attributes for Stratigraphic Interpretation
  • Attributes for Seismic Geomorphology
  • Surface Attributes
  • Log Property Mapping
  • Experience in performing analysis of seismic attributes in G&G software
  • Foundation skill level in Petrel Software
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