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    Seismic sequence stratigraphy applied to hydrocarbon exploration

    The objective of this practical, completely workshop-based course is a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of seismic sequence stratigraphy applied to hydrocarbon exploration.

    Reflection seismic profiles of regions allow geo-interpreters to become familiar with the sedimentary basin processes by considering aspects related to scale, geometry, configuration, sedimentary processes, stacking patterns, evolution, and deformation style, as well as the effects of regimes superposition and its implications in hydrocarbon prospecting. Likewise, philosophic interpretation aspects are discussed highlighting its bases and Limitations.

    The agenda can be tailored to specific requirements: specific sedimentary basins, tectonic settings and / or technical challenges.

    No software involved. All the exercises are carried out on A3 or A4 printed seismic transects. Trainees get out of this course with improved seismic interpretation and sequence stratigraphy skill,  and with knowledge of worldwide analogues.


    Interpretation of seismic profiles (<18 exercises)

    · Evolution, seismic-sequence interpretation, geophysical datasets,

    ·  Fundamentals: Sequence stratigraphy and applied seismic sequence stratigraphy (clastic / carbonate) to hydrocarbon exploration

    · Sedimentary packaging, architecture, Lithologic predictions (source beds Vs reservoirs), role of unconformities, migration pathways, seals identification, restoration, DHI.

    · Mesoscale geologic models (extensional - gravitational / compressional - Folded belts -Forelands- Forearcs/ Shale-Salt diapirism and vulcanism

    · Some exercises use well logs to support and evaluate pre-post drilling interpretations/ pitfalls.

    Interpretation geoscientists

    Reflectors termination


    Sequence delineation (relative sea level, system tracks, carbonate and clastic lithology prediction )

    Integration system track

    Basic Understanding of G&G principles

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