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    Signal Analysis in Seismic Data Processing

    This three-day course is designed to introduce the student to signal analysis in seismic data processing.  The course will cover sampling and wavelet processing theory, including generation of phase and amplitude spectra and manipulation of the wavelet. The student will learn how these are applied in typical processing environments, before covering the entire workflow in Omega.

    Signal Analysis: Theory Part 1

    o    Sampling and wavelet processing theory

    o    Frequency, Fourier transform, amplitude & phase characteristics, phase conversions

    o    Wavelet processing stages in marine and land seismic data

    At the end of this session the student will be able to explain the fundamental theoretical aspects of wavelet processing and application in real world scenarios.

    o    Filtering, wavelet & radon transforms

    o    Convolutional model, reverberations, multiple reflections, deconvolution

    o    Regularization

    Signal Analysis in Omega

    o    Omega overview/data prep

    o    Omega SWP

    o    Omega practice for demultiple processing

    At the end of this session the student will be able to apply the full signal analysis workflow from data preparation followed by derivation of the wavelet before the final application

    This course is intended for seismic data processors with processing experience or advanced users who require a refresher in wavelet processing.

    o   Sampling and Wavelet processing theory

    o   Filtering, transforms, the convolutional model and application to demultiple and regularization

    o   Omega overview and practice

    An understanding of the concepts underlying seismic data processing and common data processing challenges. Participants without any prior knowledge of Omega must have taken the Fundamentals of Omega class before enrolling for this class.

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