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Strategic Project Management for Value Management and Improvement Practices

The Strategic Project Management for Value Management and Improvement Practices class has a seminar approach that allows advanced or experienced project managers the opportunity to work with other managers in understanding best practices for projects on a strategic level.

The class works from the strategic nature of projects and the maturity of the organization by focusing on the place of projects as illustrated by ISO 21500 (the ISO’s Project Management Standard). This standard describes the relationship between the corporation’s operations and the projects and programs within the organization and the project life cycle. The seminar will also utilize the concepts and processes from the Project Management Institute®.

Day 1

Review of Project Standards and Strategic Project Delivery

  • ISO project standard (21500) 
  • Project Management Institute PMBOK® Guide
  • Assessments and case studies

The first day is intended to set the foundation for the strategic role of projects in delivering to the corporate strategy

Day 2

Working with the Sponsor on the Business Success Factors

  • Preparing the sponsor for their role in supporting the project
  • Engaging the sponsor on mitigating business and organizational risks
  • Determining the information, data and documentation required for a Decision Support Package

The day is focused on engaging the sponsor and preparing them for their role in a successful project. Sponsors are not interested in the technical details, only the business results and that will be fully explored

Day 3

Communications Related to Issues, Problems and Resistance to Change

  • Identifying how to communicate effectively to the sponsor about issues and problems
  • Learn how to use the sponsor to communicate issues and problems at appropriate times
  • How to engage the sponsor in overcoming resistance to change in operations

This day is focused on issues and problems that inevitably arise in a project and how to manage the sponsor and other key stakeholders.

Day 4

Navigating the Political Waters During a Project

  • Overview of corporate politics and the influence/effect on projects
  • Overcoming corporate politics during project execution
  • handling senior management in a multi-national, cross-cultural project

This day will focus on how to not only survive corporate politics, but how to use them to drive your project to success.           

Day 5

Project Implementation and Improvement Plans

  • Presentations from each participant regarding their personal application of the concepts from the course
  • Feedback and encouragement from participants to implement their plans
  • Overall review of the week and evaluation

The presentations will allow experienced project managers to share what they have learned and how they plan to apply the techniques from the course.

Learning activity mix

This is a course that is designed as the “next step” of development for a project manager who has taken a basic course in project management and is seeking to reinforce or further the skills they have already built.

Minimum of 3 years of project management experience and attendance in a Fundamentals of Project Management course. PMP certification preferred

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