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Stuck Pipe and Hole Cleaning

The Stuck Pipe and Hole Cleaning seminar is VILT (Virtual Instructor Led Training) delivered real time.  The course will be taught in 4 hours sessions over a 5 day period and it is delivered using the WebEx platform.

The seminar will cover a practical overview of the stuck pipe mechanics, wellbore instability and detail emphasis in hole cleaning conditions, practices, procedures and monitoring.  The virtual seminar will include operational practices recommendations to enhance stuck pipe prevention.  

Participants rich his practical knowledge through virtual group discussions, revision of real case histories and practical exercises.

First Day will cover main stuck pipe mechanics, second day will start with an exercise, then it will review wellbore instability issue, ended the day session with hole cleaning practices and procedures.  Day 3 will cover hole cleaning for high angle wells and it will end with recommended practices for stuck pipe prevention.

Each student will need the following to attend:

  • Computer
  • USB Headset  
  • Video Capabilities (720 HD)
Day 1

Stuck Pipe Mechanics Review (4 hours session)  

  • Solids Pack Off
  • Differential Pressure
  • Wellbore Geometry

Participant will review the causes and conditions of each mechanics, including its preventive actions and warning signals.

Day 2

Wellbore Instability and Introduction to Hole Cleaning (4 hour session)             

  • Wellbore Instability  - Causes and Remedies
  • Exercise
  • Introduction to hole cleaning - Practices and Procedures

This second session will cover the different stresses upon wellbore and rock failure mechanics, participants will learn the importance of cutting identification for understand wellbore instability issue.  The day will end with an introduction module of hole cleaning.   

Day 3

Hole cleaning high angle wells and recommended practices for stuck pipe prevention (4 hours session)                                                                                        

  • Hole cleaning high angle wells - Practices and Procedures
  • Hole Conditions Monitoring
  • Recommended Operational Practices for Stuck Pipe Prevention

This last session will cover a summary of the best practices and procedures for hole cleaning in high angle wells, including its monitoring.  The session will end with a wrap up of recommended operational practices for stuck pipe prevention.

Learning activity mix
  • Drilling Supervisors
  • Drilling Engineers
  • Directional Drillers
  • Petroleum Engineers
  • Completion Engineers
  • Real time monitoring Engineers
  1. Stuck Pipe Mechanics
  2. Wellbore Instability
  3. Hole Cleaning Practices, Procedures
  4. Hole Conditions Monitoring
  5. Recommended Practices for Stuck Pipe Prevention

Participants should have a basic undestanding of drilling operations

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