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    Subsea Production Systems (SPS) and Technologies

    This class will provide participants with an introduction to subsea production facilities.  It will take participants from the conceptual design to the operation of the subsea production facilities.  Participants will have the chance to learn about typical system architecture, design drivers, and general requirements for subsea production systems.  Equipment design and operations, flow lines, flow assurance, and material selection will all be covered.

    Day 1

    Subsea Production Systems (SPS) 

    • Concepts and definitions
    • General design requirements
    • Equipment and operations

    Day one of this course will focus on Subsea Production Systems (SPS).  Specifically, this course will introduce the concepts and definitions, typical system architecture, design drivers, and general design requirements for SPS.  Subsea equipment and operations, flow lines, flow assurance, and material selection will also be covered.

    Day 2

    Subsea Production Systems (SPS) Continued

    • Procedures for operations
    • Maintenance and repair
    • Limitations, barriers, and challenges       

    This day will continue the discussion on SPS, specifically standards and procedures for major operational modes.  Maintenance and repair, along with limitations, barriers, and challenges will covered.                 

    Day 3

    SPS Technology

    • Major subsea technology
    • Equipment and operations
    • Global energy balance       

    Day three will focus on subsea technology separation, compression, pumping, oil and gas processing, and monitoring systems.  Special attention will be given to equipment functionality and operations.  The global energy balance of the SPS will also be covered.

    Day 4

    Flow Assurance and Subsea Well Intervention

    • Flow assurance 
    • Subsea well intervention        

    On day four, participants will take a closer look at flow assurance, specifically  sand management, along with hydrate, wax, scale and asphaltene deposition control, prevention, and remediation. Subsea well and facilities intervention technologies and procedures will be also covered on this day.

    Day 5Digital Oilfield
    • Production monitoring, control, and optimization technology 
    • Data acquisition and data management 
    • Instrumentation, control, and monitoring systems 
    • Integrated systems 
    The last day will focus on the digital oilfield.  Specific topics that will be covered include the production monitoring, control, and optimization, data acquisition, and data management.  Technologies and design for instrumentation, control, and monitoring systems will also be covered.  Participants will learn about the different types of integrated systems, then will discuss an actual example of an integrated system.  The day will end with a lesson on case histories.                 

    Engineers involved with subsea facilities design and operations or anyone who wants to learn about the evolving subsea facility technologies.

    Participants should have a general knowledge of oil and gas production systems and offshore production systems.

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