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    Succeeding with Senior Management: Getting the Right Support at the Right Time for Your Project

    Every project manager knows that the support of senior management is a critical success factor. All the great books out there cover every detail of a project – except how to engage senior management. This course is the answer. 

    Understanding the perspective of senior management related to projects

    • Topic 1: Learn to become a trusted advisor
    • Topic 2: Preparing the leadership
    • Topic 3: Questions every project manager needs answered
    • Topic 4: Establishing the relationship and managing up the organization
    • Topic 5: Reviewing the stakeholder analysis with your senior manager

    Engaging Your Sponsor

    • Topic 1: Listening styles and how to use them effectively for engaging your sponsor
    • Topic 2: Your attitude and its role in engaging your sponsor
    • Topic 3: Preparing your sponsor for their role in the project  
    • Topic 4: Clearly establishing communication channels to stakeholders
    • Topic 5: Creating internal and external communications with the sponsor
    • Topic 6: Using deputies of executives effectively     

    Managing Risks and Scope Change

    • Topic 1: Executing risk mitigation strategies with sponsor support 
    • Topic 2: Addressing scope change with the sponsor
    • Topic 3: Communicating problems and issues to the sponsor
    • Topic 4: Providing options and recommendations for key decisions  
    • Topic 5: Communicating to operations using the sponsor

    Getting Support Across the Company

    • Topic 1: Using the sponsor to gain operational support
    • Topic 2: Getting help with cross-functional issues
    • Topic 3: Navigating the political waters  
    • Topic 4: Handling competition from other initiatives
    • Topic 5: Engaging the sponsor and senior managers with you have a multi-national, cross-cultural project
    • Topic 6: Summing it all up    

    Product Delivery Managers and Global Account Managers

    • Understanding the perspective of senior management related to projects
    • Engaging your sponsor
    • Managing risks and scope change
    • Getting support across the company

    Experienced project managers with senior management sponsors

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