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    Supervisor level Management Training

    Building effective management and  supervisor skills that can help you and your organization succeed even in challenging economic times.  This program is the first program in preparing your managers to take a leadership role in the near future. It helps to develop management skills to refine the skills you need to manage people more effectively—and be ready for the change.


    • Welcome & get together
    • Program objectives
    • Leadership importance
    • Overview of leadership

    Terms & Definitions

    • Management
    • Leadership

    The Essentials of Self-Integrity

    • Gaining self-awareness
    • The mind-body connection
    • Managing your physical energy
    • Cultivating good personal habits
    • Understand your learning style

    Towards a Better Self-Concept

    • Understand the life stages of human development
    • Understand and manage our behaviors
    • Passive, aggressive, and assertive behavior
    • Increasing your productivity and accountability
    • Self-based motivations

    Leading with Ease and Competency

    • Developing empathic attunement
    • Building trust and a culture of safety
    • Capitalizing stress in the workplace
    • Stress defusing techniques


    • Introduction
    • Team Definition
    • Benefits of Team Building
    • The Difference between Group and Team

    Stages of Team Development

    • The Process of Team Building
    • 5 issues to be considered in team building
    • Preparing for team building & management
    • Getting people behind your ideas
    • Persuasion techniques

    Managers Vs Leaders

    • Introduction
    • Manager roles
    • Leader roles
    • Difference between leader & manager

    Setting Goal

    • Introduction
    • Goal objectives
    • Matching personal and organization objectives


    • Introduction
    • Planning Objectives & Importance
    • Planning Phases

    Leadership Traits

    • Introduction
    • Trails & Characteristics
    • Leadership Styles
    • Leaders Sources of Power

    Theories of Leadership

    • Introduction
    • Old & Modern Theories
    • Example of Great Leaders

    Evaluating the Staff Performance

    • Managing, monitoring and control
    • Managing people with tasks
    • Handling difficult situations & challenging people


    • Introduction
    • Business Ethics Importance
    • Code of Ethics
    • Business Ethical dimensions


    • Introduction
    • Definitions
    • Difference between client and customer values 

    Program Closing

    Team members

    New Supervisors

    Management professionals with limited experience 

    • Understand the characteristics of effective leadership.
    • Develop and lead high-functioning teams and reached to the top level of people management.
    • Understand optimal role in planning initiatives.
    • Get the professional level of business management.
    • Consider the ethical dimensions of leadership.
    • Identify the conditions —both individual and corporate level —that increase opportunities for professional development and personal transformation.
    • Being an effective change agent
    • Understand The importance of organization Leadership
    • Know how to gain personal Leadership.
    • Creating a winning culture and team environment

    No prerequisites

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