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    Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) System

    The Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system has been introduced to allow control of plants in isolated areas where it is not practical to run physical wiring.  This reduces the need for an operator to be stationed in an isolated area for long periods of time. The heart of the SCADA system is its ability to gather information and provide two-way communication over long distances through wireless technology to a central control room.  The course will cover the benefits of SCADA systems and how they impact real time control remotely.

    As the course progresses, participants will gain knowledge covering the hardware of the SCADA system - sensors, actuators and wiring used as well as interfaces used to monitor the process and its economic benefits. 

    Upon completion of the course, participants will be made aware of topics such as real time control, hardwired and wireless communication methods used in the SCADA system and the limitations of the SCADA systems.  This course will allow each technician, with further on-job training and experience to be able to attend more advanced training and enhance their capabilities, knowledge and skills. 

    Day 1

    SCADA Overview

    • Introduction
    • Master & remote terminals
    • Sensors, actuators and wiring
    • Operator interface
    • SCADA economics

    On day one, participants will learn about the development of the SCADA system and how it operates as a two way system.  Discussions will focus on the hardware of the SCADA system and the interface available for use by the operator.  Economic benefits of the SCADA system will also be covered.


    Day 2

    SCADA Communications

    • Real time systems
    • SCADA communications
    • Communication system components
    • Radio and satellite communication
    • Limitations of SCADA

    Participants will learn about the importance of reliable communication to operate the SCADA system in real time On day two.  They will learn about what is meant by real time control and dealing with time delay in the SCADA system.  Discussion will continue with the types of communication systems used in the SCADA system and its dependence on wireless systems such as radio and satellite communication. As with all systems, limitations exist.  The participants will learn what types of measurement and control should not be used with SCADA systems.

    This course is mainly targeted to process technicians working in the field as an introduction or refresher.  The course can be applicable to technicians working in other disciplines, equipment purchasers, procurement and storage personnel, job planners and immediate supervisors to the working technicians.

    Anyone taking this course should have some exposure to oil and gas facility terminology.

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