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    Surface Facility Production Operations-RILS

    This course is the Remote Instructor Lead Series version of the classroom course delivery. 

    This course will provide participants with the fundamental and principles of production fluid behavior, conditioning, and processing from the wellhead to custody transfer. The participants will learn oilfield production handling at the surface, the treatment equipment, and the processes.

    Natural gas and oil physics characteristics, gathering system, separation, treatment, pigging, transportation, measurements, rotating equipment, vessel and piping design, and operations will all be covered to enhance operational efficiencies.

    Participants will learn how to design and operate the surface facilities production equipment and processes through daily exercises.

    The course is divided in 10 sessions of 4 hours each session.  

    • Pre-test
    • Introduction
    • Production Systems Analysis
    • Subsurface-surface Integrated system
    • Operational data acquisitions
    • Production optimization process
    • Production processing facilities

    • Production fluids properties (Oil, gas, and water)
      • Solubility ratio
      • Oil volumetric factor
      • Viscosity
      • Density
      • GOR
      • Exercises on properties estimations

    • Manifolds and gathering system
      • Function of the gathering system
      • Terminology
      • Gathering system arrangement
    • Production manifold
      • Conventional 
      • Multi selector valve
      • Subsea manifold
      • Onshore and offshore configurations
    • Single phase flow: Hydraulic analysis
      • Single gas phase
      • Single liquid phase

    • Multiphase flow
      • Component and definitions
      • Multiphase flow pattern
      • Pressure drop correlations
      • Predictions
      • Effect of the flow pattern on pipeline corrosion
    • Slug flow 
      • Formation methods
      • Prediction
      • Consequences
    • Pigging
      • Function
      • How to select a pig
      • Operations
      • Smart pig
    • Quiz and exercises

    • Production fluids Separation
      • Principle of separations
      • Type of separations
      • Types of separators
      • Separator internal type and function
      • Separation design
      • Separator operations
      • Separators problems and troubleshooting
      • Quiz and exercises

    • Oil treatment
      • Dehydration
        • Emulsion theory
        • Destabilization of W/O emulsions
      • Dehydration equipment
      • Desalting
        • Why to desalt the crude oil
        • Crude oil desalting principle
        • Equipment used in desalting
        • Sages of desalting and requirements
      • Stabilization
        • Why to stabilize crude oil
        • Process used in the stabilization
        • Problems and troubleshoot stabilization
      • Quiz and exercises

    • Water Treatment
      • Why to treat the water
      • Produced water characteristics
      • Water treatment specifications
      • Water treatment processes
      • Water treatment equipment and technologies
      • Water treatment operation and monitoring
      • Quiz and exercise

    • Gas Treatment
      • Source of gas
      • Gas composition and contaminants
      • Gas terminologies
      • Gas specifications
      • Hydrate formation issues
      • How to prevent hydrates
    • Gas Sweetening
      • Reason to sweet the gas
      • Gas sweetening processes and technologies
      • Absorption processes and technologies
      • Adsorption processes and technologies
      • Membranes
      • Process selection criteria
      • Operation issues

    • Gas dehydration
      • Why gas should be dehydrated
      • Gas dehydrated processes and technologies
      • Gas dehydration with glycol: technologies and processes
      • Molecular sieve processes and operations
    • Dew point control
      • Why to control HC dew point and water dew point
      • Technologies and processes to control the dew point of the gas
      • Quiz and exercises

    • Pump
      • Centrifugal pumps
        • Types
        • Operation
        • Maintenance
      • Positive displacement pumps
        • Types
        • Operation
        • Maintenance
      • Pump selection criteria
    • Compressor
      • Types of compressor
      • Operation
      • Maintenance
      • Compressor selection criteria
      • Quizzes
    • Final test

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