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    Sustainability Defined

    This course will provide participants with an understanding of sustainability, key concerns for social
    equity, economic development, and environmental topics, along with a brief introduction to life cycles,
    and the different stages that a product or system goes through from manufacture, usage, to end of life

    This course corresponds to one (1) module of theSustainability Program which includes a total of five (5) modules. In addition,the module has a duration of 4Hrs and it is given by virtual TrainingMethodology  ( Remote Instructor LedSeries- RILS).


    • Metrics: Standards, Indicators, and Benchmarks

    - UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

    - Environment, Social & Corporate Governance (ESG)

    - Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)

    - CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project)


    • Social Issues

    - Security and Social Justice

    - Poverty

    - Human Settlements

    - Overpopulation

    - Human Rights

    - Labour Rights

    - Indigenous Rights

    - Energy Shortages

    - Sensory Pollution (odour, noise, visual)


    • Economic Issues

    - Human Consumption

    - Innovation


    Environmental Topics Overview

    - Biodiversity

    - Animal Welfare

    - Air

    - Water

    - Land

    - Waste

    - Energy


    Introduction to Life Cycle Assessment

    Any person who is interested to learn about the fundamentals of Sustainability particularly in metrics, social and economic issues, environmental topics overview and introduction to life cycle assessment 

    Metrics (Standards, Indicators, and Benchmarks)

    Social Issues

    Economic Issues 

    Environmental Topics Overview

    Introduction to Life Cycle Assessment


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