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    Sustainability in Practice

    Participants will get a look into sustainability practices through energy and environmental management and corporate strategy environmental planning tools. The course will also provide an overview of different energy systems and look at their impact in terms of sustainability and the energy transition.

    This course corresponds to one (1) module of the Sustainability Program which includes a total of five (5) modules. In addition, the module has a duration of 4Hrs and it is given by virtual Training Methodology  ( Remote Instructor Led Series- RILS).


    • Energy and Environment Management

        - Energy Management (ISO 50001)

        - Environmental Management (ISO 14001)

        - Strategic Environment Planning

        - Corporate Environmental Strategy

        - Energy Efficiency

        - Energy Conservation

        - Tools

          - ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager (building energy benchmarking tool)

          - 50001 Ready Navigator


    • Energy Systems

       - Renewable Energy (e.g., solar, wind, geothermal, hydro, biomass) and Non-renewable

          energy (e.g., wood, coal, oil, gas, nuclear)

          â–ª pros and cons

          â–ª their impact on the environment

          â–ª limitations

       - Decentralized Energy (micro generation and micro grids)

       - Cogeneration

       - New Technologies


    Everybody who wants to improve his/her skills in sustainability.


    - Energy and  Environment Management

    - Energy Systems

    Course #1 – Sustainability Defined ( EG-SW0-NXT156990 )

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