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Techlog Processing and Interpretation of Quanta Geo Images with Techlog Fundamentals

Participants are trained to use the Techlog wellbore software platform to perform processing and interpretation of photorealistic Quanta Geo formation images. A simplified physics lecture gives students a foundation of understanding the Quanta Geo physics of measurement. Starting from raw Quanta Geo data, students are taught to apply tool-specific signal processing methods in Techlog to remove borehole and mud effects and produce images that are most representative of the formation. Students then learn to use and optimize standard Techlog Wellbore Imaging (Wbi) methods to optimally process and visualize Quanta Geo images for interpretation. Emphasis is placed on the recognition of artifacts, and the corrective actions to take to eliminate them. Optimum adaptation of common Techlog Wbi interpretation workflows is then covered, considering eventual processing artifacts and considering the nature of Quanta Geo images being acquired in resistive oil-base mud.

Day 1

     Opening Remarks, Participant introductions and HSE

     TL Fundamentals - Import/Export, Database

     TL Fundamentals - Techplot, Workflow Interface

     TL Fundamentals - Wbi basics




Day 2

    QG Physics and Processing Overview

    Ex. 1 - Process QG with default parameters

    QG Electromagnetics Fundamentals

    QG Physics

    QG Calibration

    QG Z90 Modes

    QG Corrected Amplitude and Blending

    Ex. 2 - Processing parameters investigation

Day 3

   Ex. 2 cont'd - Processing parameters investigation

   Ex. 3 - Processing challenging datasets

   QG Image Artifacts Catalog

   Interactive Depth Correction

   New Automatic Depth Correction

   Ex. 4 - Depth correction

   QG Utilities, Splicer, Drillmark Filter

   Ex. 5 - Mode splicing & remedial

Day 4

   QG LQC & Deliverables

   Ex. 6 - Challenge Competition

   QG Virtual Core & Virtual Slab

   Ex. 6 - Challenge cont'd

   Challenge Results Presentations

   QG Inversion Principles & Demo

Day 5

   QG Advanced Applications

   TL Wbi interpretation Basics

   QG Structural Analysis

   QG Sandcount

   QG Facies Analysis

   Results upscaling and export

   Open Discussion & Conclusion

Learning activity mix

Geologists, Petrophysicists and Geomechanics Specialists interpreting Quanta Geo images.

Intro to Techlog.

Quanta Geo Physics of measurement.

Quanta Geo tool-specific signal processing in Techlog.

Quanta Geo Techlog Wbi processing and visualization.

Quanta Geo quality control and remediation of artifacts in Techlog.

Quanta Geo-adapted interpretaion workflows in Techlog Wbi

This 5 days version of the course includes a 1 day primer on Techlog that will be sufficient to follow the exercises on days 2 to 5.

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