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    Techlog Python - (Remote Instructor-Led Series)

    This course is a Remote Instructor Led Series, RILS training that is delivered online with no face-to-face classroom attendance. The course is design for 4 days with a delivery of 4hrs per day. 

    The Techlog Python class is designed to introduce users to programming basic and advance scripts in Techlog.

    Students will learn:

    • How to create, edit, open and run scripts in Techlog 
    • How to use the Application Workflow Interface for Python and use python in a workflow.
    • How to use basic python syntax and develop their programming skills. Participants will be introduce to Python and Techlog modules (libraries).
    • Advance scripting including reading/writing and creating Techlog modules.

    To effectively participate in the training, each learner will need to have the following:

    • A laptop or desktop computer connected to the internet
    • Two monitors or one monitor and a tablet.
    • A headset or speakerphone
    • A webcam (optional but preferred)
    • Techlog Software installed and
    • Active Techlog base License

    • Petrophysicists, geoscientists with basic programming skills interested in gaining a general understanding of programing in Techlog Python
    • Software developers

    Introduction to Python

    • History and concept
    • Application
    • Python inside Techlog

    Python editor

    • Techlog Python scripts 
    • Python editor window
    • Open and run scripts
    • Understand the basics of programming
    • Python scripts, syntax and coding rules

    Application workflow interface for Python

    • Run your own equations in a multi-wells and multi-zones environment
    • Techlog Python script in a workflow
    • Dependency function

    Additional Python modules

    • Module import
    • Techlog embedded modules
    • Data QC and harmonization, file import, etc. (Techlog Database)
    • Custom plots (Techlog Plot)
    • Mathematical and scientific tools (Numpy / Scipy)

    Advanced scripting

    • Introduction to advanced basics (multi dimensional lists, dictionaries)
    • Introduction to oriented object programming
    • Advanced definitions in scripting
    • Function definitions
    • Scripts that read or write files
    • NumPy and SciPy modules
    • Pandas module

    Additional Python libraries

    • Installation of a Python library and its dependencies from the Python Packaging Index

    Training for Developers

    • Advance definitions for developers
    • Default argument values
    • Keyword arguments
    • Argument list
    • Lambda forms
    • Documentation strings
    • Exceptions, Exceptions handling and Raising Exceptions
    • Object-oriented programming
    • Class objects
    • Inheritance
    • Simple user interface creation
    • The ctypes library
    • External DLLs
    • Fundamental data types
    • Functions from loaded DLLs

    Read/Write files

    • Read/Write text, csv and excel files
    • Import data from excel file and load it inside
    • Techlog Database
    • Reporting

    • Techlog Fundamentals

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