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    Techlog Special Core Analysis - SCAL

    In this course, participants will learn how to build a static model and generate the final output as a table that can be used by a simulator or in Petrel Reservoir Engineering to initialize a dynamic model.

    Participants will learn how to use two guided workflows, the rock type to table generation workflow and the End points to table generation workflow. You will be thought how to use the rock type to table guided workflow to prepare data for the simulation of an Oil-Water system using end point scaling approach. You will also be thought how to use the end points to table guided workflow to prepare data for simulation of Oil-Water, Gas-Water, or Gas-Oil-Water systems in a parameterized approach.

    Participants will learn to use the import from Excel option to import data, generate deterministic rock Typing group, generate relative permeability and capillary pressure from end points, and generate an output table for the simulator.

    The class will take participants through several methods of correcting capillary pressure data and modify relative permeability data. You will learn about the capillary pressure methods of closure correction,  clay-bound water correction, pressure conversion and average capillary pressure curves by groups.

    • Reservoir Engineers
    • Petrophysics

    • Introduction to Special Core Analysis, SCAL
    • Project initialization and data import
    • Data QC and graphical editing
      • Data harmonization
      • Composite wells creation
      • Core water saturation computation
      • Cross-plot array/array tool
      • Erroneous samples and erroneous measurements removal
      • Pore throat distribution
    • SCAL guided workflows
      • Rock type to table guided workflow
      • End points to table guided workflow
    • Workflow Engine interface
    • Generating relative permeability, KR and capillary pressure, PC from end points
    • Deterministic rock typing
    • Capillary pressure methods
      • Closure correction
      • Clay bound water correction
      • Conversion and capping method
      • Averaging method
    • Relative permeability methods
      • Averaging method
      • Modeling method
    • Table generation
      • Averaging method for table generation

    • Basic Petrophysics Core analysis knowledge
    • Techlog Fundamentals

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