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Techlog Thin Bed Analysis using LowReP method

In this course, you will review thin bed reservoir, perform an analysis, interpret the results and compute petrophysical summary. Thin bed reservoirs are also referred to as sands with low resistivity pay or LRLC (low resistivity, low contrast).

  • Petrophysicists
  • Geologists
  • othe Geoscientists with prior experience of formation evaluation with Techlog


Learning activity mix
  • Load and quality control the dataset
  • Discuss how to identify well candidates for thin bed analysis
  • Review measurements in an anisotropic environment
  • Perform pre-computations for interpretation parameters
  • Review the thin bed analysis model, including the effects of laminated shale, structural shale and dispersed clay minerals
  • Determine true matrix and fluid endpoints for the thin bed model
  • Define shale vertical and horizontal resistivity values using the modified Klein crossplot
  • Compute volume of shale, porosity, and water saturation in a thin bed reservoir using the LowRep (low resisitivity pay) module
  • Perform a petrophysical summary on the thin bed results
  • Techlog Fundamentals
  • Basic Petrophysics knowledge

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