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    Techlog Time-lapse Analysis

    This course teaches participants how to load, review and process time-lapsed LWD data both time and depth indexed.

    Formation properties may change as a result of time-related process, such as invasion or borehole degradation. Changes in the measured log response between two or more passes can provide wealth of untapped information about the dynamic processes that occor in the well and the formation.

    In this course participant will learn how to use Techlog Time-Lapse Analysis, TLA module to process and anlyse the depth time-lapse pasess and time-indexed data to extract the wealth of information available. In addition to a traditional static petrophysical snapshot of a formation, this course will provide participant with an enhanced understanding of the dynamic behavior of the rock and fluids using time-lapse data analysis.

    • Petrophysicist
    • Log analyst
    • Reservoir Engineers 
    • Geomechanical Engineers 
    • Time-lapse analyses using depth-indexed data
      • Depth-indexed data processing and interpretation
      • Volumetric computations
      • Variation plot 
    • Time-lase analyses using time-indexed data
      • Time-index data processing and interpretation workflow
      • Time-indexed data sources
      • Parameters for time-indexed data
      • Results analysis
      • Transit counter outputs 
    • Techlog Fundamentals
    • Basics of Log analysis 

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