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    Technical Writing

    Business and Technical Writing develops writing skills to ensure clear and concise writing.  At the end of the course, participants will understand the fundamentals of clear communication through writing, including how to simplify technical language to promote understanding. 

    Day 1

    Elements of Technical Writing :

    • Introduction: Fundamentals of Technical Writing
    • Handout: Ten Commandments of Technical Writing
    • Math & Measurements: Writing numbers for readability
    • Activity – The right way to write equations
    • Back to Basics: Rules of Punctuation, Grammar, Abbreviation, and Capitalization
    • Activity – Grammar for technical writing
    • Between the Pages: Content Principles
    • Activity – Writing technical content
    • Dumb it Down: Common Mistakes in Technical Writing
    • Case Study – Common mistakes and easy fixes
    Day 2

    Applications of Technical Writing:

    • Before the Project: Proposals and Specifications
    • Activity – Drafting Proposals and specifications
    • After the Project: Technical Articles, Papers, Abstracts, and Reports
    • Case Study – Basics of technical articles, papers, abstracts, and reports
    • During the Project: Letters and Memos
    • Activity – Communicating clearly
    • Reference Material: Manuals and Documentation
    • Handout – Essential steps for writing clear instructions
    • Activity – Keep it simple: Writing instructions for classmates
    • Conclusion and Distribution of Certificates

    PTE's, Engineers, Managers or anyone else who wants to improve thier technical writing skills.

    Information within the course is broken down into two sections: ‘Elements of Technical Writing’ and ‘Applications of Technical Writing’.

    ‘Elements of Technical Writing’ is an introduction to writing content for technical documents.
    This section covers topics including:

    • Ensuring appropriate grammar and punctuation
    • Fixing common mistakes
    • Simplification of complex information

    ‘Applications of Technical Writing’ focuses on specific guidelines when drafting technical documents.
    This section covers the basics of technical documents written before, during, and after a project.

    • Technical documents covered include:
    • Proposals and Specifications
    • Abstracts and Reports
    • Memos and Letters
    • Manuals and Documentation

    This session on Technical Writing requires the ability to read and write English. Participants will be expected to read at a sixth grade level in order to best benefit from topics discussed.

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