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    The Fundamentals of Sustainability

        • An introduction to the concept of sustainability
        • Energy management and sustainable projects
        • Circle economy and the environment
        • Product foot prints
        • Carbon credits

    Fundamentals of sustainability

        • Sustainability fundamentals to Economic sustainability
        • Energy and sustainable products
        • Circular Economy
        • Environment sustainability

    Introduction to sustainability going through, the concept and definition of sustainability. The investment types in sustainability from construction to agriculture. The importance of the society and its inclusion in sustainability projects and efforts. Going through what circular investments are and the difference with standard investments.

    Understanding sustainable parameters

    • Power of society
    • Impact of diversity
    • Foot print of components
    • E-waste
    • The latest on Carbon credit

    Discussing the importance of the society in the implementation and success of sustainability projects. Defining the social pillars and the impact of diversity. The definition of footprint and the different components of sustainable footprint and its calculation.

    A wide range of audience who are interested in the concept of sustainability, green environment, emissions and some measurements.

    The fundamentals of sustainability. Understanding sustainability as a common topic, the involvement of society, some definitions

    Discussing economic sustainability, what does it mean, strategies of implementing sustainability projects, and the challenges for implementing those projects.

    The benefits of environmental sustainability. Misconceptions related to sustainability. Individual contribution to sustainability.

    The importance of sustainability practices. The benefits of sustainability practices. The roles of individuals and businesses in promoting sustainability projects.

    The power of social sustainability and its benefits. Incorporating social sustainability in an organization. Challenges of incorporating social sustainability.

    Investing in sustainability education and the different target audience in this education. Defining diversity and discussing equity and inclusion into different projects.

    Defining and discussing sustainability components, carbon, and water. Energy efficiency and the impact of e-waste in our life. Defining what is carbon credits and its calculations with the trends the world is taking.


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