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    The Wellsite Coach

    In the oil and gas industry, the ability for a manager to get the best out of their team in terms of performance and at the same time contributing to growth and development is a key success factor.  Using a wellsite coaching methodology is becoming a more widespread tool to help managers achieve this.

    However, building a real coaching culture means that managers will need to re-examine some of the limiting beliefs and focus on key skills and reflexes.  Not all situations that a manager will be confronted with demand a coaching approach, other interactions may yield better results. More and more in today’s fast paced environment, the role of managers and leaders is to combine three separate roles: expert in their domain, manager to manage people and processes, and coach to help others unlock their potential and contribute to the success of the team. Traditionally in the oil and gas sector the emphasis has been solely on the first two and very little devoted to coaching.

    This course will help managers become more knowledgeable in the wellsite coaching technique and will help them recognize the situations in which this technique would encourage the best results from their team.

    Day 1

    Insights into Becoming a Successful Coach 

    • The context for wellsite coaching
    • Fundamental wellsite coaching skills
    • Using different coaching styles     

    On the first day, participants will gain an in-depth understanding of coaching.  They will also learn about the different styles used in coaching and using feedback as a tool to enhance coaching sessions.

    Day 2

    Practical Applications of Coaching to Enhance Performance 

    • Using a combination of 4 learning styles for knowledge transfer
    • Developing a holistic approach using the GROW methodology
    • Practical scenario situations to practice skills       

    Participants will learn about how to use Learning Styles for knowledge sharing, practicing and implementing the GROW methodology, and how to gain experience with practical scenario based interactions.

    Day 3

    Dealing with Difficult People 

    • Developing an assertive approach
    • Cognitive behavioral coaching and enabling and limiting beliefs
    • The practical wellsite coaching action plan      

    On the last day, participants will learn about identifying and dealing with difficult people, using alternative methods in coaching when all else fails, and developing an individual action plan for results.

    Offshore Installation Managers, Senior Toolpushers, Maintenance Supervisors, and Barge Engineers.

    Five years of professional experience.

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