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    Total Logistics Management

    In an age when technology of communication is revolutionizing, the global commercial dealings have  increased than ever before and have faced a lot off disputes because of the complicated concepts in the said dealing both from legal & financial point of view.

    Total Logistics Management t is representing the all procedures, which should take to enhance the said global commercial dealing in order to obtain an effective and efficient goods and information flow Logistics (effective & efficient goods and information flow) should be the main and superior assumption in the company functioning.

    It seems that Global Logistics Management or Global Supply Chain management enforces a different look at the company’s logistics issue looks. For many enterprises, marketing supported logistics should become a strategic operating element and other company operations are subordinated.

    This program is designed to understand how to deal professionally with the factors of Total Logistics Management and its documentary cycle including the concepts of the related legal financial aspects from the practical view


    Welcome & Introduction

    • Overview of Training Agenda
    • Pre-Assessment

    Logistics and the Supply Chain

    • Logistic Management
    • Logistics Modeling & Strategy
    • Definition of Logistics
    • Integrated Administration Procedures
    • Logistics and Materials Management
    • Advantages of integrated Logistics within the Supply Chain
    • Management.
    • The effective factors in Logistics “Supply, Human Resource, Information System, Storing, Facilities, Training and Transport”
    • The concept of building an integrated management system that can includes all support activities, which is called “Strategic Logistics”
    • The relation between the effective factors in current environmental and logistics.
    • The Concept of administration in logistics
    • The method of Material Freight
    • Incoterms 2020 "international commercial terms"

    Supply Chain Management Overview

    • Definitions & Examples
    • Evolution of SCM
    • SCM Objectives
    • Importance & Benefits of SCM
    • Requirements of a Successful SCM
    • Decision Classification
    • SCM Issues
    • Marketing Channel
    • SCM Operations Strategy
    • SCM Integration- Strategies
    • Group discussion & Quiz

    The Supply Chain Management Concept

    • Supply chains and their management, Differences between transactional and relational exchanges
    • The importance of leveraging technology
        • Workshop
        • Case study
        •  Video


    • Key differences between the logistics of e-fulfillment and the logistics of traditional fulfillment
    • The efficient of transport that products
    • The professional shipping minimizing the handling process as quickly as possible
    • Confirm that Products Are Transported Efficiently 2
    • The successful co- ordination, co- operation and arrangement process.
    • Communications Skills

    Demand Management, Order Management and Customer Service

    • Firm processes incoming orders
    • The importance of customer service to a firm’s marketing activities
    • The role of logistics in the customer service area
    • Customer service standards (specific and measurable)
    • Customer service program establishment


    Group discussion & Quiz

    Management of materials and equipment handling

    • Introduction
    • Material handling basics
    • Loading and unloading
    • Protective Packaging and Materials Handling
    • Product features affect packaging and materials handling
    • Types of handling materials and equipment
    • Lifting Operations
    • Handling equipment and accessories
    • Dealing with hazardous materials
    • The functions performed by protective packaging
    • The utilization of unit loads in materials handling
    • The environmental protection movement and its impact on packaging and package choice.
        • Government rules and regulations related to custom duties, taxes,
        • insurance, etc.



    Case study

    • Dep. Manager, Section Head, Engineer, Supervisor, Superintendent & Administration
    • The warehouses and export & import logistics employees, especially in the field of oil& gas industry
    • Supply chain employees' contract/buyer/procurement/ custom clearance, logistics

          • Understand the Logistics Modeling & Strategy.
          • Understand how to manage the physical flow of goods, and the associated information flow, in close cooperation with various partners: suppliers, clients, transporters and distributors.
          • Understand Cargo Insurance, the method of Right Evidence, Compensation & Safety Procedures
          • To explore the concepts of supply chain management (SCM) in a global economy.
          • Knowing Logistics Technology.
          • Understand Customs Clearance
          • Understand and apply the incoterms 2020 "International Commercial Terms".
          • Knowing the general & specific roles of warehouses and export & import logistics employees.
          • Demonstrate the direct & indirect effect of warehouses and export & import logistics employees with the stakeholders.
          • Knowing the modern concepts in the warehouses management and export & import logistics
          • Maximize your productivity and efficiency

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